New Album ALERT Jhene Aiko "TRIP"

Jhene Aiko "TRIP"

While We're Young

Just being young, fun and free in a relationship. Taking risk and being willing to explore with the person you love. Not listening to what others have to say and just worrying about each other.

“While we’re young, we should rush and do something dumb”


Ascension (ft Brandy)

The title just means to ascend or climb higher. In the song she describes growing, building  and becoming better in life. Brandy who is also on this track sings beautifully, and adds the perfect melody to the song.

“I’m on my way to heaven, if I could make it out of this hell”


When We Love

Just a cute love song in which Jhene is asking for him to be honest, true and real with her. She describes her love and feelings which makes this song so genuine.

“Never knew a love so good”


Never Call Me

My favorite song because of how real it feels. Just about that guy who thinks they can play you like a fool. She basically telling him that he should had called her to let her know it wasn't going to work out between them. At the end of the song, is a voicemail message from Kurupt calling Jhene to check if she’s ok.

“You knew all along that i wasn't the one for you”


Moments (ft Big Sean)

Sharing and just being in the moment with the one you love. Big Sean is also on this track which I love because Jhene and Big are actually together. This song is short, cute and simple and encourages making sure you let go of everything and focus on the one you love.

“You can have it when you understand all that matters is right here”