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Hello everyone! Ever since quarantine started, I’ve been watching Netflix like crazy so I’m here to share with you my top 5 Netflix picks during quarantine.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

The title alone made me add this show to my list. Who doesn’t want to watch a show about teenage bounty hunters? How this show started made me question whether I was watching the right show but soon enough the show started to pick up quickly and they became bounty hunters catching their skips (criminals with a bounty) while juggling school, their relationships, and family history. This show is very ironic in every aspect because the actions and beliefs that the 2 teenage bounty hunters engage in go against their Southern Conservative Christian upbringing. But nonetheless, in every episode, they have action and running problems that keep you on edge to see what’s coming next.


This 1950s setting is sometimes morbid and sterile sometimes but the characters are far from the conservativeness of their environment. Although I just started watching it, I loved it before I even started because it has one of my favorite actresses, Sarah Paulson, in it. She played many different characters in the infamous American Horror Story series which I’ve been watching consistently since it’s Freak Show season airing. Seeing Paulson on the thumbnail made me add it to my list and I started watching it immediately. So far I am 4 episodes in and I love it. The constant theme of psychosis in the characters are explicit to the point where the show itself could be another season of American Horror Story. Even though I just started this is a must-watch.


Reading the title you may think this is a magical genre in which you are completely correct. Charmed is about 3 reunited sister witches who fight together to combat demons and any evil that threatens magical creatures. Now, this may sound a little far off and boring but there’s more to it than magic. The magic itself and the personal relationships being developed drive the story through many dangerous events and happenings. There always seem to be twists and turns, and short-lived breaks before another battle ensues. Overall this show was constantly entertaining and never stagnant in any way. 


Gotham is a city that even non-superhero/comic book/geeks know about. This is the city where the dark knight, Batman, lives and fights crime and various supervillains. From this knowledge, I assumed this was what the show would be about but it wasn’t quite so. The story was actually about the detective, James Gordon (the detective who led the case of

Bruce Wayne’s parents’ deaths), and how he fights off crime in Gotham. Although this was an initial disappointment I decided to continue watching it hoping the content of events could convince me to stay, which it totally did. I thought it was interesting how they decided to take on the perspective of James Gordon and portray a more crime boss/mafia story than the typical hero versus supervillain spiel, although the latter became the norm in the end. I especially loved seeing the character development of the villains and how they became evil, especially the Riddler. Moreover, this has 5 seasons so you have plenty of time to watch and get into this exciting twist on the famous comic book story.

The Legend of Korra

This continuation of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series was dynamic and exciting in so many ways. To give a quick summary ATLA is about a world where people are divided based on the 4 elements: Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Air Nomads. Some people in this world know how to bend their respective elements. Bending meaning a person can move their element at will. Which explains water benders who can manipulate water, earth benders who can shift rocks, fire benders who can ignite the flames, and air benders who can control the winds. Every lifetime there’s supposed to be a person called the avatar who can bend all 4 of these elements and is destined to use his or her ability to bring peace to the world. This avatar trait is not passed down by family but passed down through the elements and generation. So if an avatar is from the water tribe and has passed, the next avatar born will be from the earth tribe, and so on. 

But there was somewhat of a halt to this generational trait because the 12-year old avatar air nomad, named Aang, was frozen for 100 years during which his air nomad family was murdered by the fire nation and he wasn’t able to protect the world when it needed him the most. When Aang woke up he traveled around the world and went on adventures saving the world from the fire nation. Me having watched and rewatched the whole ATLA series continuously since middle school I am very familiar with the characters, plot, setting, and all other aspects of this story. But I never actually watched the continuation of this series when it originally came out which is The Legend of Korra. This takes place where Aang has passed and left 3 children, one of which is an air bender who has the task of training the next avatar, named Korra, hence the name The Legend of Korra. Me being a big ATLA fan I thought it was the right time to actually sit down and watch The Legend of Korra when it came out on Netflix. This show was, like I said at the beginning, very exciting and dynamic. I thought it was cool and interesting to see the modernization of technology and how the land and people were shaped by the times they lived in. But these modern-day technologies created modern-day villains which in comparison to ATLA villains are way more dangerous and life-threatening. Overall if you haven’t watch ATLA yet make sure to watch it before watching the Legend of Korra because it really sets the stage as to why everything is happening and why certain characters act and feel the way they do.

Well, those are my top picks on Netflix for now. Make sure to try at least one of them but be careful because they’re very easy to binge-watch.

I'm a junior at Delaware State University majoring in New Media in Arts and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I like drawing, language learning, and binge-watching Law and Order: SVU. Although, I'm new to writing articles I hope you all enjoy my writing!
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