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My internship with Young and Rubicam 


Young and Rubicam is a international advertising company  with clients such as Ford, Dell, Chevelot and HIllshire farms. During my sophomore year second semester all I was doing was applying to internships for the summer. My goal was to get an internship I will be proud of. The previous year I had an internship that I didn’t enjoy and didn’t learn anything from. My supervisor was really distant and I was stuck in a cubicle doing nothing each day. I searched for internships around my field such as Publishing, Television, Music, PR and English. Advertising wasn’t something I considered, however Young and Rubicam had a great internship program. The departments listed to intern included HR, Account Management, PR and I applied to them all.  

Y&R also includes specialized companies in every region, such as Bravo, Labstore, and BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV®) to name just a few. The school year ended and I still hadn’t heard from anyone but then finally I did. I went in for my interview at 3 Columbus Circle as a Conference and Event Services intern. After a successful interview , I got a call back to start my internship the following Monday. The internship program has weekly seminars and guest speakers to discuss the world of advertising. We met with copy writers, designers , managers who took us on a journey through Y&R. During our program we were also put into groups and had to come up with a marketing strategy for various conpanies. As an Intern I worked in internal and external companies, setting up parties and rooms for their use. I worked along with catering and design to make sure their vision was met. I worked really close wth my supervisor and at times took over when she asked me too.

My supervisor and I are still close to this day, and she is really supportive in everything that I do. At the end of the program, she gave me a great review to the director who handles all the interns. When I spoke to my director, we talked about my goals and what I want to do in the future. She offered me an internship for the summer of 2017 as a production intern. Young and Rubicam is community that pushes everyone to succeed. Just like a family, they have cookouts, ice cream socials and themed parties. I had a great time at Y&R and can not wait to go back again. 


Raised in Queens, with a major in Mass Communication and a love for writing. Graduating in 2018 in hopes of working in Television production. I love reading novels, blogs and magazine articles. I'm completed addicted to TV Shows and my ultimate goal is to always have fun.
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