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My Experience Seeing a Psychic

Over summer my friends and I went to the beach and we saw a psychic on the boardwalk, well I saw a psychic, they came with me, but they didn’t participate.


I’m not sure if I completely believe in psychics, but I thought it would be fun.


I got the idea to go see a psychic once when I was in the car with my boyfriend and we drove past a sign that said psychic readings, and I suggested we go. He was kind of willing to go, but he didn’t really want to, so I decided to go with my friends, so when we had a girl’s trip to the beach I knew now was the time to find one.


Word of advice if you’re going to go see a psychic, I would probably record it so that you could go back and listen later, I realized this in the middle of my reading, but didn’t want to interrupt her while she was in the middle of looking into my future.


I super wish I recorded it, because I don’t remember everything, but here is what I can recall from the reading.


So she read my palm and did a tarot card reading. I picked ten cards, and I had absolutely no idea how it worked but if I had to guess, the tarot card I picked basically told her what part of my future to look into, and then she read it from my palms, but don’t quote me on that.


A few things that she told me about myself was that I was very sensitive, which is very true and as soon as she said it I looked at my friends who were sitting in the waiting area because they know. She said that I forgive very fast and very easily, which is also pretty true.


Another super true thing she said about me was that besides professional relationships, I’m very introverted, and timid around others, and that I don’t really like new people. The people in my life were all people I was close to and have been close to for a very long time and have earned their spot in my life, and that I’m very hesitant of new people. Which is true, strangers make me super nervous.


She told me that one side of my family had a very long-life line, and I would take after that side. My grandparents on my mom’s side lived to be in their late 80’s, and my other grandmother on my mom’s side just turned 88. Also, I was a very sick kid, and because I’ve made it through all that I’ve always felt like I was meant to live a long life.


The psychic said there were two men in my life, but I didn’t know about the second one because he hadn’t revealed himself, which might’ve been one of the most interesting things she said because I still have no idea what she’s talking about. Then she asked how long my boyfriend and I have been together (without me mentioning that I had a boyfriend) and told me that he would be in my life forever and that “I can’t get rid of him that easily,” whatever that means.


 She told me that the path I’m on will lead me to a good career, and that in six years I’ll be more than financially stable. She also said that in six years I would be married, and that as a couple we’d also have our finances together, and we would have a small wedding.


She said I would get married once, and never divorce. That I wouldn’t have kids until after I’m married, and that I would have three kids, two boys and one girl (which I wasn’t too happy about because I wanted to have a bunch of girls, but with my luck it wouldn’t surprise me that I would get the opposite of what I wanted).


One of my friends that was with me said that everything that she told me sounded average and just something that most people our age would want to hear, which might be true, but like I said, I more so just thought it would be fun and it wasn’t something I was going to base my whole future choices on. I thought for the most part what she told me was stuff to really look forward to, whether or not it actually happens it at least gives me an idea of what to look forward to (except for the two boys, I still hold out hope for a bunch of girls) and she said a lot of stuff about me that was pretty accurate, any maybe she just took a guess or was super observational, but her guesses were pretty accurate.


I’m still not completely sure if I believe in psychics, but I still think it’s fun. I definitely would want to go see another psychic again in the future, just to see if they would tell me the same things as this psychic, or some brand new things that this psychic didn’t see in my future.


Do you believe in psychics? Would you go see one? 

DSU Student. Mass Communications Major. IG: j.hane.y Twitter: Jhaney__
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