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Meet Her Campus DESU Co-Correspondant – Stacey Wilson



Name:  Stacey Wilson

IG: Staceybeyonce_

Hometown: Queens, New York

Major: Mass Communication


1.) What was your favorite toy in your childhood?

My older cousin bought me a Brandy barbie doll that I really loved. I was so used to having white barbie dolls with blonde hair, and I hated it. This Brandy doll had beautiful brown skin with long black braids and I thought finally a doll that looked like me.


2.) What is your favorite junk food?

I honestly do not eat junk food at all, but I’ll never turn down ice cream.


3.) What is your ultimate dream job?

To become at an executive producer and/or showrunner at a television production company


4.) Which celebrity represents your style the most and why?

I really want to say Beyonce but on a budget. However, whenever Zendaya hits the red carpet, I stand up and applaud. She has her days when she is chilling with no makeup on but then she goes out and slays.


5.) What’s one thing you wish you could still do that you did as a child?

As a child, I was unpredictable, carefree, and my imagination ran wild. I just miss not being reminded that I’m not a child anymore.


6.) What do you plan to do after you graduate college?

Straight to Grad School. NYU I’m coming for you.


7.) Sneakers or Heels?

I’m tall so everyone expects me not to wear heels, but I don’t care. I love Heels. 


8.) What’s one piece of advice that you would give to young girls?

Always stay motivated and strive for the best. If he tells you no you can’t, you tell him yes you can.  


9.) What’s one thing you’d tell your younger self?

Make better friends because you honestly suck at it. 


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