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Living My Best Nine Year Old Life with My Nintendo DSI

I recently found my Nintendo DSI along with all of my old games, and I’ve been living my best-nine year old life since. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the charger and stylus;however, Amazon came to the rescue and I was able to order new ones. A mix of feelings came about when I saw the Nintendo welcome screen appear. Nostalgia and excitement flowed throughout my body as I eagerly tapped the screen. I forgot that the DSI had a camera, so when I saw all of my nine-year-old selfies I was surprised and bursted out in laughter. Along with those selfies were adorable pictures of childhood friends. I spent the whole weekend playing classics like Cooking Mama, Diner Dash, Petz, High School Musical tap-tap games and more. I am so happy that my DSI is in great working condition. I look forward to playing it more often, and perhaps maybe even selling it in future when it becomes extremely valuable. Always hold onto your childhood toys and electronics folks! They can bring happy memories and possible fortune in the near future.

Just a girl from the Garden State currently attending Delaware State University studying mass communications. Lover of acting, writing, music, food, sports, coffee, and good vibes.
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