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Incredible Beauty Buys under $30

Incredible Beauty Buys under $30

It’s so hard finding incredible beauty buys, that are actually worth it, under $30. Often times, we spend a lot on products that don’t necessarily work or they work for a short amount of time. However, these products are all under $30 and are pretty amazing.


Sphynx Portable Razor - $15

You ever see a product and think why didn’t I think of that? Sphynx is the product that will make you wonder just that. This portable razor is something that every woman needs for when she’s simply on the go. When you have that meeting, and forgot to shave your legs, just whip out your Sphynx and shave at your desk and you’re all set. Leila, the company’s She-e-o, they need to trademark that because its catchy, created the concept for Sphynx because she often forgets when it comes to shaving. T    he great thing about this product is that you don’t have to rinse your leg, arm, whatever you shave off. Since the shea butter soap is extremely moisturizing, they recommend just rubbing it in and you’re all set. The other great thing about this product is the price tag. Sphynx retails for $15 and razor refills are only $8. Sphynx is sold at a variety of stores like Ulta, American Eagle, and Urban Outfiters, to name a few. For store listings you can check here to see if they sell the product: https://shopsphynx.com/pages/store-locator.


Moon Mouse Magic Makeup Repair Kit - $15

We’ve probably all dropped a powder makeup product, no matter if it’s a highlighter or foundation. We’ve also probably cried and had a funeral for our destroyed product and got rid of it. However, thanks to Moon Mousse you wont have to cry and get rid of your product anymore. Moon Mousse was created by Barbara, Tess, and their adorable dog Pico. Moon Mousse packages come with the mousse, both a circular and square press tool, in case you’re highlighter breaks and its circular and your eyeshadow drops and that’s square, and a makeup spatula. Moon Mousse works incredibly well to repair broken makeup. It can fix everything from eyeshadows and foundations to bronzers and cream shadows. Moon Mousse retails for $15 and can only brought at the following link: https://moonmousse.com/. We’ve also included a video so you can see how Moon Mousse works.



Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, & Rosewater - $7

This is probably one of my favorite facial misting products, right next to Pixi’s almost always sold-out Glow Mist. This facial spray is dry skin’s best friend, especially in the colder months. This mist is extremely hydrating and you can use it throughout the day for a little pick me-up. The other great thing about this product is that’s extremely cheap. This amazing little mist is only $7! You cant beat that. You can buy the mist at Ulta and Urban Outfiters but you can also check the following link for a list of other places you can buy this amazing spray at: https://www.mariobadescu.com/stores.


Vamp Stamp - $25

So VAMP stands for Visionary Artists Makeup Products. The VAMP Stamp is a product created by Veronica Lorenz in 2013. Veronica came up with the concept because she wanted people to be able to create her signature look. The great thing about the VAMP Stamp is that it’s created for just about anyone. The VAMP Stamp can be used with Veronica’s other product the Vink but you can also use your own liquid eyeliner with it as well. The VAMP Stamp can only purchased on their website, https://thevampstamp.com/, and it’s also sold in three different sizes as well so you can choose how you serious you want that cat eye to be.

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