Importance of Internships

One of the most beneficial things that undergraduate students should do is apply to internships. In my opinion, these hold more significance than jobs. Internships serve as a taster in a field that one’s interested in. This gives students the chance to get experience in their field and more importantly, shows that student if they want to pursue a career in where ever they have their internship at. Often when students thrive at internships, they can get jobs offers afterwards. These always look good on resumes and give students the chance to be involved in fields of their interest. Whether they are voluntary, paid, or unpaid, any internship is useful. Students can expand their skills, make new connections, and build relationships. If there is one piece of advice I could give to students who are starting their undergraduate career, I would suggest that they start to pile on any internship they can snag from the moment they arrive on their college campus.