I Downloaded the Tik Tok App

Remember musically? No? Well what about tik tok? Did you know that the beloved social media platform was once known as musically back in 2014?! Tik tok is taking the social media wave by storm. I personally used to talk negatively about the app (like most people did or still do) until I downloaded myself.  I was sucked in right away. Watching tik tokers create their own content whether its dancing, lip syncing, acting, singing, or even displaying their artwork. You are exposed to a different artistic outlet. Not going to lie, some tik toks are cringey, but I cannot deny they are fun to watch. I decided to make some tik toks myself and let me tell you they are so cool to make. I make tik toks whenever I am bored or taking a study break. Celebrities along with famous youtubers are becoming a part of the tik tok hype. Just like any other social media apps some users can rise to tik tok stardom allowing them wonderful opportunities. If you had a musically account when you were younger, you most likely have a tik tok now. Sorry I do not make the rules lol. All in all, tik tok is not that bad of an app. Don’t knock it until you try it.