How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel

How to Start Your Own YouTube Channel


In the middle of August of 2017, I had started my YouTube channel, Sam On Demand.  Since then many of my friends have been asking about it and ideas for their channels that they would too like to start.  Therefore here are some things I have learned over the past months about YouTube.


  1. Think of what you are passionate about or hobbies you like to do

    1. Examples: crafts, singing, dance, travel, beauty, fashion

  2. Filming: Cellphones make great cameras and so just start filming

  3. Editing: You can use a general software or an easy app to make a great video

  4. Tips in General:

    1. It is okay to be more than one type of YouTuber, I do many videos from challenges to fashion to vlogs

    2. Think out of the box, that is a key to being different

    3. You should not focus on just getting subscribers, but getting views are key

    4. Don’t get caught up in the analytics, it’s about having fun and a voice

    5. It is going to tough always coming up with new ideas, so I just make whatever comes to mind sometimes which are some of my best videos

    6. Tags are very important, they help viewers find your videos

  5. Here are some starter ideas: