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How Attending an HBCU Means to Me

By: Nadirah Livingston

The first time I got a glance at what an HBCU actually is was watching the show “A Different World”, which took place at an fictious historic black college named Hillman University. After the first season I was hooked. I had never seen anything like it before, a place where African Americans could be themselves and still obtain a great education.

By watching that show I wanted to gain even more information on what a HBCU actually was. After learning the history and the real reasons why HBCUs were actually created, I realized that I would obtain my undergraduate degree at one of the elite HBCUs.

Attending Delaware State University has changed me as a person so much. Of course, I’ve made life long friends, and have been taught a valuable education, but it has taught me things a PWI could never.

One of those things were to love and appreciate my natural hair. Every morning when I walk around my campus I see an abundant of young woman showing love for their natural hair. Before attending Delaware State University, I would have never worn my coils out in public. Seeing other women with the same texture made me want to celebrate mine.

Another change I have acquired by attending an HBCU is pride. I no longer walk around with my head down. Attending this HBCU allows me to remember all the things my ancestors did to make sure I could attend this very university. When people ask where I attend college I make sure I say the name nice and loud. My HBCU shows me everyday how far African Americans have come. We went from not being allowed to read and write to walking across the stage with a degree our ancestors fought for us to attain.

Just a girl from Jersey with big dreams attending Delaware State University. I'm currently majoring in mass communications with a concentration in digital media. One day you'll see my name rolling in the credits but until then enjoy my articles.
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