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Traditionally, trick-or-treaters walk around the neighborhood, knocking on doors of strangers to receive free candy. But this year, it may be different for some who are taking the precautions of not catching 2020’s a starring cast member, Covid-19. Here are some alternative ideas for this “scary” holiday.

For kids, I recommend that parents purchase their own candy of different kinds from the store and put them in hiding spots around the house or backyard as if it was an Easter egg hunt. The kids can still dress up in costumes to make themselves feel the Halloween spirit. If you are a teacher, then purchase plenty of candy for students and give it out to them. The smiles on their faces will be priceless and heart-filling. This may be a nice save for parents who do not want their kids to go trick-or-treating this year. 

For adults, trick-or-treating may not be a big deal as the parties are. However, maybe you should consider bringing in a candy assortment for your workplace or, in college students’ cases, the common room for visitors and residents. It is a thoughtful gesture that can cheer those who are down about the new normal. 

To take it a step further, decorate your house, residential dorm room, and workplace. Purchase real or fake pumpkins, skulls, bones, and orange & black confetti or sparkles and place start decorating. I would suggest doing this a week or more before the actual day arrives. This will keep your spirits high and who wants to take down nice decorations after just 1-2 days of being on display? 

For the students who are stuck at home and have no way of getting to a best friend or have a family that is completely over the concept of Halloween this year, then buy yourself candy. There’s no need to wait on others. With being alone, stuck doing homework, and attending boring zoom classes every day, you may feel down and unmotivated, but treating yourself for just one day couldn’t hurt. 

Although this year is different, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!

Hi! My name is Pilar (Pee-LAHR). I was born & raised in Baltimore, but decided to further my education as a mass communication major at Delaware State University. #RavensNation #CharmCityGirl
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