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Flipped My Wig – How I Brought New Life to My Old Weave

Flipped My Wig

How I Brought New Life to My Old Weave

Caleisha B Braxton


Do you wear sew-ins and closures but feel like they’re too much to keep up? If you’re anything like me your probably too lazy to follow any upkeep for closures and sew-ins; I know it can be a lot. One day in-between styles (you know, those days wear you may throw on a hat and call it a day) I had an idea. Why not turn my old hair into a fresh new wig? Wigs are one of the easiest and low maintenance protective styles around. You can simply pop it on and go while keeping heat and other harmful things away from your natural locs. Protective styles promote hair growth and can give you versatility (and life) to your hair. To make the wig, I did it much like how I would do a sew in. Taking the wig cap and my closure I sewed down and secured it to the cap. Next, I installed my bundles the same way I always would. When all the bundles were in began styling and molding the hair to lay flat and natural the “BOOM” I had made my first wig! Installation was easy, I just braided my hair down, popped the wig on, used some “Got2Be” hair spray to hold it in place and it was done. If you already had hair from a previous install the cost of doing this is less than $20.00! With proper care this wig could last for more than year. With practice, you could make a bunch of wigs and have several different looks for each occasion. So, next time when you are in-between styles, thing of the many benefits you can get from making a wig.


Hey! My name is Caleisha Braxton and I currently attend Delaware State University for a degree in Mass Communications. From a young age, speaking to people and writing were my strongest attributes and I decided to pursue a career in Public Relations. Im from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Growing up in the inner city of West Philadelphia shaped me to become a strong-willed and independent person. Regardless of my background, I prevailed to become a 4.0 student in college. Being from the area I am, I want to be successful to make both my family and community proud, especially since I am I First Generation College student.I use writing to relax myself and also to inform others.
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