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Five Tips and Tricks to a Great Road Trip

I have been on dozens of road trips in my life. I have driven to North Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and so many other places from my home in Virginia. They have become a lot more frequent since I started school at DSU. Through all of my trips, I have learned some do’s and don’ts for road trips that I think could benefit.  It was through great trips and horrible trips that I wish that I could forget that I learned these tips and tricks.

  1. The outfit that you choose to wear on any road trip is essential to your comfortability. You’re going to be stuck in a vehicle for several hours, so you have to choose the right outfit. My go-to is usually shorts or leggings, a sweater, crocs, and long socks. For me, it is about temperature and accessibility. Usually, you can control the temperature of the car, so if you keep the windows up then it is easy to plan an outfit. I like to wear leggings if it is really cold outside and shorts (with a blanket on the side) when the weather is warmer. I also like to wear tops that are easy to take off, like a sweater, in case I get too hot and need to change it up. Many times, I will wear a scarf or a bonnet on my head if the windows are down which prevents my hair from getting messed up. There are a few outfits choices that may not be the best. I personally would never wear jeans because they are too tight, and I would not want to be stuck in them for any time that I spend on the road. Clothes that are too thick feel way too constricting to wear on a long trip. Tennis shoes are also another thing that I avoid because sometimes I like to take off my shoes. I don’t want to have to tie up laces when I get out of the car for a bathroom break; It is much easier with shoes that you can just slip into. 

  2. Snacks are one of my favorite things on a road trip. If I have time, then I will go the day before to purchase them, but my trip usually starts out with a stop at Wawa or 7-11 to get gas and food. Peanut butter and jellies with random bags of chips were the bulk of my road trip snacks when I was younger because they were cheap. Now that I can buy my own snacks, I have definitely evolved from there. I said “goodbye” to the PB and Js and “hello” to chicken wraps or burritos. Chips have remained on my road trips; I just pick a different kind every time instead of eating original Lays or Cheetos every single time. I like switching up what I get and keeping it interesting. Sometimes I will get gummies and chips, other times I will get cookies and chocolates. My snacks always depend on my mood the morning that I leave and the person that I am riding with.

  3. Music, music, music! This is probably more important than the snacks which I cannot believe I am saying. But you cannot have a great road trip without a great playlist. There is nothing fun about being stuck in the car in silence or with music that puts you in a bad mood. A road trip is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. How do you enjoy something with terrible mood music? You don’t. Personally, I like listening to many different music genres. I will listen to old school R&B or new hip hop or some of the pop music that they play on the radio. I love blasting some of my favorite artists because they put me in a great mood that has me singing at the top of my lungs on every road trip. Even at this moment, I am jamming to old R&B songs on my way to Delaware.

  4. I don’t know about y’all, but I can’t enjoy a road trip with just anyone in the car with me. It has to be just the right person or people, or else the whole thing will be ruined. It is uncomfortable to be stuck somewhere with a person that you don’t necessarily like. Would you want to be on a four-hour car ride with your mom’s new boyfriend who you know nothing about? I know that I wouldn’t because it feels strange and it will make the trip feel just as strange. They have to have a similar taste in music so that the playlist in the car caters to both. You can go back and forth on the music to get songs everyone likes, or push comes to shove, one person can put in earbuds. I don’t want to be stuck in the car for hours with people that I do not like. It makes for a very awkward time that nobody really enjoys. I like to have fun on long trips which I don’t think I can do with just anyone. It’s important to pick someone you like being around and someone who understands your music and snack tastes. 

  5. Energy and vibes are very important to a great road trip. It goes hand and hand with the company that you have during the trip. I hate being stuck in the car with people who have an attitude all of the time or always complaining about something. It brings the mood and the energy down and makes the trip a lot less fun. I especially despise being in the car with two other people who argue and then they don’t talk for the rest of the trip. I am just vibing in the back seat and everyone else is in a bad mood which makes it really hard to enjoy myself. Good energy and good vibes should be present for most, if not all, of the road trip in order for it to be a truly great trip. 


Hi! My name is Nevaeh Saunders. I am currently a sophomore at Delaware State University. I am a pre- nursing major with hopes of becoming a registered nurse or a paramedic. In my free time, I like to write poems and short stories which is what attracted me to Hercampus!
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