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Fall Hair Inspiration

With fall officially arriving, people begin to change their hair around. The hair may get shorter and darker or lighter. So, to help you pick the perfect hair for fall here’s some inspiration.

If you want to go for color…

Copper hair


Pictured: PeakMill

Copper colored hair is a big thing this fall. It’s a gorgeous mix between orange and brown and is apparently the color of fall.

If copper isn’t your thing, burgundy is always a good choice for the fall or even navy blue


If you’re looking for a new cut…

Fall tends to be bob season so maybe you want to go for a bob

Or maybe a tapered cut

If you’re looking for something completely different that you may be considering trying…

Maybe you could try faux goddess locs

There’s endless options of things you can do with your hair. Whatever you decide to do with your hair make sure you have fun with it and the love the style.

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