Molly Peach-Yosemite Valley

Call of the Wild


I was so excited to watch Call of the Wild when it became available to rent on Apple Movies.  I read the book years ago, in middle school, and love survival books.  The story was about Buck who is a big-hearted dog that was kidnapped from a domestic household and placed in the exotic lands of the Alaskan Yukon in the 1890s.  Buck has to adapt to his first challenge of being on a dog-sled team that delivers mail.  He starts to develop traits and learning about the wild, there is a dog spirit that leads him through his journey.  Some other experiences include encountering three snobby rich people, fighting for an alpha position, learning the ways of wild wolves, and meeting his lifelong friend, John Thorton.  I did watch the movie with my family and dog, so he figured out he may have some wild wolf spirit in him.  I loved the bond of friendship Buck made with John Thorton, because he changed the man's life.  He used to be a lonely alcoholic who was depressed about his son, but Buck kept getting rid of his alcohol and kept his mind busy.  They go on an adventure together, both being called by the wild, and learning about themselves.


Not only was this movie an action-adventure, but it was hilarious.  Buck was very comical, upbeat, and kind.  His actions were hilarious, especially while he was trying to adapt to the wild.  It was really interesting to see how he matured overtime from being a puppy to an adult dog.  In contrast, John Thorton who was depressed, outspoken, and moody.


While watching the movie, I realized how strong my urge to travel was.  My dream is to be a documentary filmmaker and film everything from culture and travel to the wild.  I loved how Buck saved John Thortons life, cause it's the simple things we should take advantage of.  The movie also truly showed what “man’s best friend” really means. I am grateful to be able to share it with my dog, Deni.