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Best That’s So Raven Moments

We’ve all just recieved the best news ever!

That’s So Raven is coming back. YAY! We’ll of course she isnt going to be in high school again. All the details we go is that she will be a single parent with two kids that are also psychic. Excting!!

“That’s so Raven, it’s the future I can see,”

I know we all miss this this show *standing ovation*

I am not about to explain to you what That’s So Raven is about because if you need an explanation then your childhood was obviously messed up. Because even if you had strict parents that wouldn’t let you watch TV, I bet you’ve at least heard about this Disney Show.

This show has so many memorable moments that I am so sad that I can only name a few. When I think of That’s so Raven takes me back to the good old days.

That Time Raven Had An Allergic Reaction
Raven was helping out her dad in a cooking competition and accidentally came into contact with mushrooms…which she is allergic to. Two things: One, that sucks because mushrooms are the best. Two, looking like that must have been the most embarrassing thing everrrrr.

F School Uniforms
The school uniforms are boring. So Raven, the fashionista transform the school uniform to this. I bet we all wished we could have been bad ass and make an outfit like that.

All of Raven
The episode when Raven goes to visit her cousins. And you realized Raven played the Grandma, the Uncle and the baby. Creepy but so cool.

LIZ ANYA (Lasagna)
When she disguises herself as a superstar, to try and get her father’s job back. I loved this blonde wing on her. Of course, Nicki got her inspiration from her. And after you hear this song, it is stuck in your brain forever. “Oh when the saints, go marching in,”


Raven the cow
Chelsea and Raven don’t get invited to a party, so Raven cast a spell that eventually turned them both into talking cows. Was the party even worth it at the end of the day.

To conclude this beautiful journey down memory lane. Here’s to you Raven, for giving us some banging as childhood memories.

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