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Being Roommates With My Friend From Middle School

This is my third year at DSU and I’ve had the same roommate every year since freshman year, and she also happens to be my really good friend from middle school.


My roommate and I became friends in probably seventh grade and got really close in eighth grade. I was over her house all the time, we would go to the mall, I would go with her family on little trips to things like car shows, I went with her to her brothers football games, once her dad told this boy at a football game who I thought was cute (and may or may not have thought I was cute too) that I was too young to talk to boys, but it’s OK now I’ve moved on.


Her family just got really used to me being around.


When we went to high school we went to different schools, we would still hang out sometimes in ninth grade, but as the years went on we didn’t keep in touch as much, but we were still friends.


We came to freshman orientation, not even knowing that the other was coming to this school. We saw each other post about it on Snapchat and were like we have to meet up and get through this together.


We stuck together for all of freshman orientation, and when the time came to apply for housing we requested each other as roommates.


But we didn’t get each other.


So, we called housing just to see if there was any way they could switch us around, and we got paired up in Laws (RIP), where we used to complain about the communal bathroom and the fact that there was no AC. Then we applied for Warren-Franklin and to be roommates again, and once again they didn’t immediately pair us up, but we called and asked if they could switch again and they did, then we spent the year complaining to each other about our suitemate who would be up every morning on the phone having an argument with someone.


This year we both applied for the Ville and requested each other as roommates again. We still didn’t get paired up right away, and because we knew for a lot of people they were being put into apartments that had one room already occupied, we figured this might be the year we actually get separated, but my assigned roommate wasn’t already living here and she never showed up, so we called housing again and had her assigned to my room.


It was nice coming into college already having a friend, especially since I’m not a super social person. There was no awkwardness, and it felt like we never stopped hanging out. I also saw a lot of growth in her as a person, in middle school she could be bossy, but she’s much more go with the flow than she was when we were 13.


We have a lot of nights where we listen to old songs from around 2010, and remember how much we used to love them, and try to remember dances we made up to them, because we tried to choreograph a lot of dances back then, and to be honest, it was just the same dance to different songs every time, and we can laugh over out obsession over Mindless Behavior together (just gonna casually mention “swagger on a hundred thousand million and beyond” was her bio in middle school).


We talk a lot about people we went to middle school with and what they’re doing now since we both still know different groups of people. We spend a lot of time trying to describe other kids to each other to try and remember their names, and who they used to be friends with or who they used to date. From time to time we even find out pictures and we either both scream EW or AWW.


There are times when we got on each other’s nerves though, as friends do sometimes, especially freshman and sophomore year because since we shared a room we were just right on top of each other, and I’m much more of an introvert where I would describe her as an extrovert. She would have guest and I would just want to be alone, I would want to take a nap between classes, but she would already be watching TV and it wasn’t fair to ask her to turn it off. But now we have our own rooms, and it almost feels like we’re adults.


We get to spend hours venting to each other about our day, the people around us, or what some random dude said to us on our way back from class, and it just feels good to have someone already right there to get stuff off your chest to. And when one of you suggest “hey we should go to…” making quick spontaneous plans is so much easier and faster, and we don’t have to be as afraid to go places at night time because we have a built-in buddy.


We spent a Sunday shopping for groceries and house necessities like a trash can, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and we rearranged the furniture in the living room, and it was just cool to know that we were finally sharing a space the way we’ve been wanting to.


College is already stressful enough, living with someone else who you’re not used to is stressful. Having a roommate who you automatically click with makes life on campus ten times easier. Especially considering that I’m not a very social person and I don’t make friends easily, I think that if I had a roommate who I didn’t know, I’d be stressed ten times more.


Shout out to you sis, and also NONE of these chicks look better than me.

DSU Student. Mass Communications Major. IG: j.hane.y Twitter: Jhaney__
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