7 Places To Study Off-Campus in Dover

  1. 1. Dover Library  

    The public library is a great place to go if you like quiet and comfortable places.  There is also a bigger selection of books for projects in case there is not enough resources at the campus library.  One of my places to study is on the comfortable chairs on the second floor.  

  2. 2. Coffee House  

    This is a newer place in Downtown Dover where its a chill cafe with some hipster vibes.  They play a variety of music, even live music on Friday’s.  There is an outside area, as well as inside, and an assortment of options to choose from if your hungry or thirsty.  

  3. 3. Starbucks  

    Who doesn’t love to study at Starbucks? They have free wifi, comfortable furniture, snacks, drinks, and sometimes good music playing.  Plus plugs everywhere so you can charge your phone and laptop.  

  4. 4. Restaurant  

    If you're hungry and want to study, but not be in your usual spot.  Restaurants are a great place to go since they have large tables and you can always get take out if you want to study somewhere else.  

  5. 5. Silver Lake  

    Sitting by the man made beach or lake sounds really relaxing, especially if you like the outdoors.  There are so many spots to study there from under the picnic areas to sitting on the slide in the park.  When you need a break you can pull out your snacks and eat, walk one of the paths, or watch the fisherman to see if they catch something good.  

  6. 6. Dover Mall  

    Why would I go to a mall, aren’t they busy?  Well yes, it is busy but you can study there if you still want to be in a social setting, plus you would also be in the food court.  If you need a break you can walk around and browse, sit in a massage chair, or see a movie.  

  7. 7. The Square  

    This is located outdoors and it is the grassy area between Legislative Hall, the museums, and some other historic places in Dover.  It is a nice place to sit with a blanket and study when it is a clear day outside.  There are benches if you are not interested in sitting in the grass, plus who doesn’t love being in the fresh air.