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5 Of the Most Inexpensive Places to Shop for Homecoming

As homecoming is beginning to approach for many schools, I’m here to give you gals some of the most inexpensive places to grab some of the cutest outfits they’ll have you not only slaying your homecoming events, but also allows you save a few bucks in your pockets.


  1. Fashion Nova

So the first place I’m going to start with is my favorite place to show honestly . Fashion Nova walked into my life as I was scrolling down my Instagram and saw that Khloe Kardashian (YES KHLOE KARDASHIAN) was wearing a pair of jeans from the online boutique. At first I was just looking the clothes and not the prices. Then I noticed how inexpensive the clothing was and I lost it! You can find an entire outfit for (top and bottom) for roughly $45 and you can’t beat that. Shop https://www.fashionnova.com 


2. Lolashoetique

One place that I love finding really cute inexpensive heels is Lolashoetique. They sell any and every shoe ranging from $20-100. And often times they have 50% off sales and those shoes are beautiful for half the price! Great place to start looking for a specific shoe, never know you might find the exact shoe you’re looking for, for half of the price other sites are selling them for. Shop lolashoetique.com


3. Forever21

So I couldn’t make a list like this without mentioning Forever21. Since I could remember Forever21 has always been my one stop shop for all of my accessories and anything last minute that I wasn’t able to grab before homecoming. Of course they are amazingly inexpensive and they’re online clothing is soooo nice and you can get it at an amazing price. The Forever21 Contemporary line is so chic and classic and offers quality clothing at great prices. Shop forver21.com



4. H&M


H&M is another one of those classic inexpensive brands that can go without being on this list. H&M has always been my go to brand for my cute basic items I like to wear during homecoming week. Also their jeans fit like I gloves and they make your curves pop! You can make an entire look and H&M and plus they have some great quality jewelry that you’ll die for. Shop hm.com


5. Naked Wardrobe

If you’re into nudes and basic clothes like me and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on an outfit then naked wardrobe is the site for you. If you want the Kim Kardashian look for less and quality clothing for a great price Naked Wardrobe is your one stop shop. The site sells entire outfits for $45. Yes I said $45. Now think about how much Kim K spends on her nude outfits and you’re getting it for half price. Definitely a site worth checking out. Shop http://www.nakedwardrobe.com/womens/dresses.html

Hello! My name is Janae Faison and I am I double major at Delaware State University as a English and Journalism major. DSU Chapter of Her Campus just like the rest of the site is meant to empower all young women who are in college. Enjoy the DSU Chapter of Her Campus!
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