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5 Makeup Tips to Live By

  1. Skin Care Always Comes First!

Make sure that you are taking care of your skin under that beat face! Whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin, it is always important that before you do your makeup you are starting on a fresh, clean face to make that look pop!

  1.  Make Sure the Products Match Your Skin Type

Many people don’t understand the importance of this tip, but it is just as important as skincare. If you have an oily skin type, it is best to look for products that control oil so your natural skin oils don’t break the product down and have you looking greasy within an hour of application. People with dry skin should look for products that are hydrating so that your skin looks more replenished after your application. No matter the type of look you are going for (matte, dewy, natural, glam) make sure the product will have your skin looking flawless!

  1. Match Your Undertones Correctly

Nobody wants to leave the house looking casket ready, and the best way to ensure you won’t is to have your undertones match correctly. Undertones is the pigment color that is muted by your skin tone and can either be cool (pink, red or bluish) warm (yellow, peachy or golden) neutral (a mix of both cool and warm tones) or olive (yellow-green). To ensure you are getting the most natural unbelievable match, make sure the undertone suits you; it can be a big mistake if it doesn’t!

  1.  Practice Makes Perfect

Makeup is an art. You will not be a celebrity status makeup artist overnight, so don’t fret when the look you had planned doesn’t work out. Don’t freak out and try to fix it to the best of your abilities. Also, when you have free time; Practice, Practice, Practice! It’s the surefire way to up your beat face game, and get better at your craft. Watch some videos, get inspired, but never give up!

  1. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Makeup is meant to be a fun, creative experience for the people involved. Don’t always go for the looks you do every day, POP OUT! Try some glitter, some neon color, some eye art, bold lip colors. Try something you never tried before every so often to keep your looks fresh and exciting. A good suggestion would be trying a neon monochrome look that is popular right now. Choose a neon color like pink, yellow or orange and use that same color on your eyes, lips, and even in your high

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