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The 4 Minimalist Essentials You Need To Have

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DESU chapter.

My minimalist talk starting with “5 Reasons to Adapt to a Minimalist Lifestyle” continues with this article about the essentials of this popular lifestyle. Sure you might be convinced to take the first step down this path but where do you start? I’m going to share with you the 4 minimalist essentials you need to have to start on this journey.

Simple Artwork and Decorations

Creativity and minimalism don’t seem like they would be good friends at first thought, but in contrast, minimalism is just another form of art. Art is simply self-expression that is not limited to color or abstraction but expands to dynamic views and unique perspectives. Having an art piece as an accent piece for a room can bring a dynamic nature to a simple space.

Plain Patterns and Neutral Colors

Art and creativity still take the conversation with pattern and color. The pattern is a nice way to express that creative form that can’t otherwise be expressed through typical color and size. Although patterns can still be used it can only be used at a minimum to avoid visual clutter such as paisley or checkerboard. Similarly, colors have to play the same limited role through neutrality and discretion to upkeep the style of minimalism. Colors like beige, eggshell, offwhite, brown, grey, black, and other variations are the typical colors to choose from. 

Universal Clothing

A minimalist lifestyle does not mean a compromise on individuality. Color does not rule your individuality although it may influence it. Clothing and shopping become a more economical feature than a daily need. Universal clothing provides the effect of using the same garments to create different outfits to maximize your outfit potential and minimize your shopping expenses and clothing waste. Examples include matching a blouse to shorts and shoes and matching that same blouse and shoes to a skirt and a scarf. Different outfit combinations create a simpler closet and easiness on your wallet. With economical benefits minimalism also has environmental effects.

Environmentally-Friendly Items

Environmental issues revolve around human waste and the continuous destruction of the environment. Human greed is the fuel to the fire for this growing disaster but minimalism acts as the water in decreasing the harmful effects. Environmentally-friendly items are generally reusable which means less spending, not hurting the environment, and less clutter. Some examples of these aspects include steel straws, durable reusable backpacks, steel water bottles, and much more.

Now there are more minimalist essentials out there but I believe that these are some of the most important to a minimalist lifestyle. There are many minimalist lifestyle blogs, influencers, group chats, and social media pages so go and see how they apply this style in their lives and change as you see fit. 

Thank you for reading!

I'm a junior at Delaware State University majoring in New Media in Arts and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I like drawing, language learning, and binge-watching Law and Order: SVU. Although, I'm new to writing articles I hope you all enjoy my writing!