10 Black Owned Beauty Brands Out This Fall



10 Black Owned Beauty Brands to check out this fall


With fall quickly approaching, most of make a transition in our makeup. The lip colors get darker while the foundation gets lighter and the highlight may or may not intensify. So, to help you with those changes, here’s 10 black owned beauty brands you should check out. These are also in no specific order.


  1. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


Rihanna dropped her much anticipated makeup collection on September 17, 2017. The hype still hasn’t worn down from it but Rihanna is in the process of launching her Galaxy Collection, which will drop on October 13. So, until that drops, and hopefully you can get it, you can check out the rest of Fenty Beauty, if you haven’t already. Fenty Beauty can be purchased in and on Sephora’s website and stores, FentyBeauty.com, and of course FentyBeauty.com

  1. The Lip Bar by Melissa Butler



The Lip Bar was launched in 2012 with the idea that lipstick doesn’t need to contain harmful chemicals and can be extremely colorful. The Lip Bar has recently created a fall collection and it is currently out so check them out. There colors are versatile so maybe you’ll find that year-round color for yourself. You can purchase The Lip Bar can be purchased in Target stores, as well as Target.com, and TheLipBar.com. On their website, they also have a list of other websites you can purchase from in case your favorite color is sold-out elsewhere.


  1. Gold Label Cosmetics by Kristen Elise Brown



Pictured: Matte Lip Pen in Baby Grand


Gold Label Cosmetics was created in 2012 and is a vegan and cruelty free brand. Gold Label Cosmetics is heavily influenced by the arts, affirmations, fashion, travel, and you loving the skin you’re in. They have plenty of darker colors for the fall and winter months ahead. Gold Label Cosmetics can be purchased on GoldLabelCosmetics.com.


  1. COMPLEXION By Destiny Matuet

Destiny Matuet is a youtuber who is creating her own cosmetics company called COMPLEXION. She says it’s a brand for you created by you. Essentially a brand for black women, especially darker skin, created by a black woman with darker skin. COMPLEXION hasn’t launched yet but it is set to launch before the year ends. In the meantime, you can follow the company at complexionn on Instagram and you can follow Destiny at Callherdestinyy on Instagram.


  1. Moor Rich Beauty


Pictured: Lipstick in Rebellious

Theres not much known about Moor Rich except that they are black owned. They make a variety of products but their VVS lip gloss seem to be their best seller, theyre always sold out. You can purchase Moor Rich at MoorRich.com


  1. Mented Cosmetics by KJ Miller & Amanda E. Johnson


The owners say they came up with the idea over some glass of Pinot. They were trying to figure out why nude was always one color and they couldn’t find their nude. This sparked the idea of what is now Mented Cosmetics. Mented has the perfect nudes for black women. Their tagline is “Find your shade, write your story”. They also now make nail polish so your lips and nails can match. You can purchase Mented at MentedCosmetics.com.


  1. Pat McGrath Lab by Pat McGrath


Pictured: Luxe Trance Lipstick in Lavish

Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist. Pat says the company is straight from the lab and is where unadulterated experimentation meets raw glamour. She says the only rule is to use without caution. Pat McGrath Lab can be purchased on PatMcGrath.com, in Sephora stores, as well as online, Amazon and Net-A-Porter.com

  1. Skny Dip Cosmetics by Alicia Scott



Pictured: True Intentions Foundation in Midnight Sun

Skny Dip was created out of a need for darker foundation shades. They are a company that focus on the darker shades while also making it affordable. Both the foundation and primer cost $11 and you can get samples for $2 each. You can purchase Skny Dip at SknyDipCosmetics.com


  1. Coloured Raine Comsetics by Loraine


Pictured: Matte Lip Pen in Roulette

Coloured Raine was founded in 2013. Loraine loves color and lipstick and believes makeup is the toy for adults who want to be express how they feel. Coloured Raine launched an eyeshadow palette last year that was an intense hit. It is now a permanent palette that you can purchase on ColouredRaine.com.


  1. Juvia’s Place by Chichi Eburu


Pictured: Saharan Palette, First Edition


Juvia’s Place is an African inspired makeup company. Chichi E., the owner, is Nigerian born and launched the company between 2013 and 2014. Juvia’s Place has some extremely beautiful palettes and theres constantly a schedule for launches. At this current moment, they are waiting to release the second edition of their Saharan Palette. You can purchase Juvia’s Place on JuviasPlace.com