Your Valentine's Day Plans Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Struggling to figure out your Valentine’s Day plans? Refer to the stars!! Here’s what I think would be your ideal Valentine’s Day based on your zodiac sign:

Aries: 90s rom com reenactment. You’ve got that fiery passion, Aries. Go big or go home!! Your Valentine's Day 100% needs to include either a boom box or a long car ride.

Taurus: Cook a meal. You’re in touch with your senses, Taurus…this means you’ve gotta be a good cook. Make a meal for your S.O.—they will be so grateful you put the time and effort into making them their favorite food.

Gemini: Movie night with yo' damn self. You’re independent as heck and definitely don’t need a significant other to have a good time. You are perfectly content with having a night to you should be. Rock on, Gemini!

Cancer: Hike through the Nature Park. You cares if it’s a ~little~ cold; what’s more romantic than the beauties of nature? Being near the water calms you, so it only makes sense that you take your special someone to your happy place. Maybe have hot chocolate ready for after!

Leo: Study date. You are the brains of the operation, Leo! You can’t let Valentine’s Day stop you from your study grind. Solution: invite your crush to study with you!! Get some snacks or maybe head over to Starbucks.

Virgo: Cheese fries at Marvin's. You keep it humble, Virgo! Take your S.O. to Marvin's for the oh-so-romantic atmosphere and even better cheese fries. A night to remember—hearts and stomachs filled with joy!

Libra: Date night at Bridges. You have that expensive taste—we see you, Libras! So obviously you should take your boo to the ~fanciest~ restaurant Greencastle has to offer. Don’t forget dessert!

Scorpio: Anti-Valentine's Day party. Valentine’s Day is gross, so you are gonna wear all black and silently judge couples that are doing mushy stuff. Throw a pizza party with your gal pals instead!

Sagittarius: Bowling night. You are so over the cheesy dinner dates and mushy Valentine’s Day cards. Bowling is something a little different where you can have fun and let loose! Take your crush or your friends; either way, you will make the best out of it!

Capricorn: Couple's workout. Couples that work out together stay together, am I right?? We know you're dedicated, Capricorn, so you won’t let V-Day ruin your workout schedule. Solution: ask your S.O. to go with you!

Aquarius: Continue your day as if nothing happened. Relationships are boring, right, Aquarius? You really don’t care about this holiday, so you will probably just ignore everyone.

Pisces: Scoops. You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned ice cream date. You love a ~sweet~ night with ones you love! As the most sensitive sign, you often need ice cream to comfort you anyway.