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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

Back in March I impulsively bought a brand new iPad Pro and a second-generation Apple Pencil. I spend the whole summer saving up money to pay it off and learning how to use my new device. After several months, I can safely say that it was totally worth the money, and here is why! 


The first app I downloaded onto my new iPad was Procreate. I first discovered this app on Tik Tok and it is totally worth the hype. I haven’t had time to get into art this much since high school and it has been so nice. I even started selling my designs on Redbubble. Check it out if you need some stickers. 

Note Taking

There are so many reasons to love taking notes on an iPad. First off, it’s better for the environment! You don’t have to spend money on notebooks every semester, which is nice. Plus, all of your notebooks are in the same place. I use the app Goodnotes and I love that I can import documents, highlight in so many different colors, and convert my handwriting into text. 

Dual Monitors

When you use Sidecar with your Mac you can have dual monitors. I’ve always known that having an elaborate dual monitor desk set up would be nice but in college, there is hardly room for an extra monitor, and most of the time I am moving around throughout the day. My iPad allows me to set up a second screen wherever I am. This is great especially when I am dealing with spreadsheets or taking notes.


An iPad truly is like a portal computer. I love that I can search the web and watch videos on something much easier to move around than my computer but bigger than my phone. There is so much an iPad can do that you might have a completely different list of uses for it. 

This is a really expensive investment. I made a little tracker in my planner and sold things to save up for it. You can also look at refurbished or used devices to make it even more affordable. Also, don’t forget that Apple has a student discount. 

Hi, I'm Zosha! I'm a senior and I'm also the Senior Editor of the DePauw HerCampus Chapter. I'm an English Writing Major and Psychology Minor. In addition to HerCampus, I am also a Bonner School, Fiction Editor for the Midwestern Review, and a member of Alpha Chi Omega. My obsessions are otters, The Office, and flowers.
Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.