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HerCampus: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What’s your major? What activities do you participate in on campus?

Whitney Weinschenk: I am a Biochem and Spanish major with a Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor. I’m also a Bonner Scholar, a member of DePauw Student Government, Clay Club, Science Research Fellows, Timmy Global Health, Alpha Phi Omega, and Future Medical Professionals.


HC: Tell me about being a member of Exec with DSG. What is your role and what does it entail? 

WW: I am the Vice President. Basically, my job is to foster relationships between DePauw and the Greencastle Community and between groups on campus. Lately, I helped with the  Title IX regulations, and I have been in discussions with DePauw police and Greencastle police about everything going on lately. 


HC: Tell me about being a Bonner Scholar. What do you do, and how did you become a Bonner Scholar?

WW: Basically I applied to the Bonner program when I applied to DePauw! We do a lot of different things for the Bonner Program, which is a national program, not just a program at DePauw. We volunteer and do community service with nonprofit and government organizations, and we also participate in training and enrichment programs. We learn about ourselves and the community around us and the systems in place in our government. 


HC: Which activity that you do on campus is your favorite and why?

WW: It’s hard to choose. Probably Bonner because, it allowed me to attend DePauw, and I love volunteering. The Bonner Programs allows me to do a lot of things–– I’ve had experience working in a hospital, which is great for med school, but I also get opportunities to go play with puppies at the shelter. The Bonner Program gives me a chance to relax and also learn about hard topics like social justice and activism that growing up in a small town I didn’t get to learn about. 


HC: What have you learned from being so busy on campus with your classes and activities? Why have you been so busy?

WW: I have decided to become so busy because I am passionate about a lot, and I like to help people. I want to change things and make things better. It’s better than just complaining–– I’m actually creating change on campus and in the community. From this busy schedule, I’ve learned that if I pack my schedule really full so that I have to focus when I have the time for homework and I can’t procrastinate. I also work really well under pressure. 


HC: Would you recommend a busy schedule like this for other students?

WW: That depends. There have been times it’s been good for me. I have learned a lot and it helps me with time management, but at the same time I have trouble saying no to things, so sometimes I get too stressed out. I would suggest to other students that they find their own balance. For example, I would do less if I had to do a full-time job or if I was a student-athlete. Just figure out what works for you!

Jackie Ebel

DePauw '21

Jackie is a current senior communication major at DePauw University in Indiana. She's lived in Massachusetts, Texas, and Maryland. She loves swimming, ice chai lattes, and the band Walk the Moon. Jackie is the editor for the profile and features sections of DePauw's branch of HerCampus.
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