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Which Walking Dead Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?


Like Daryl, you're not willing to express your emotions outright but are a good listener and always willing to help others (especially if a friend needs to find their little girl in the woods). You're strong-willed, do not like being told what to do, and disrespect those who go back on their word. You're a deep thinker, and it sometimes comes off as if you’re shy, but you’re probably thinking about the next squirrel you can kill.


What a curious and affectionate character you are! You don’t want to miss any experience; like Beth, you wanna know what that first cup of alcohol tastes like before the walkers get you. You're indecisive at first, but once you make your mind up, you're on a mission. You can adapt to your environment quickly and use it to your advantage like Beth did in the hospital with Noah. You’re very likeable but a hardass.


You're all about keeping the peace. Whether you agree that Jesus didn’t kill all the Saviors at the outpost or not, he was just trying to avoid violence. You're fair-minded and always thinking how you can better the group, not just yourself. You're diplomatic, and that’s why you should be the leader of the Hilltop!


The apocalypse was a very hard transition for your gentle nature. However, once you killed your first walker, there was no going back. You're fearful but can step up to the challenge. You may be faulted with being too trusting of people, like Shane, but you always have good intentions. You're selfless and will ultimately forgive Carl for shooting you.


You're hard to get to know! Like Carol, people don’t really know you unless they’ve known you forever. You're good at manipulating and hiding your emotions. You don’t reveal yourself easily, but your weak spot is your family. You enjoy home-based hobbies like baking, but if the neighbor kid tries to steal your cookies, you won't mess around.


You’re a natural born leader but are stubborn! You're brave and so resourceful that you’re willing to bite a man’s neck off to get out of a sticky situation. You value loyalty and longtime friends, like Morgan, even when he went all crazy on you. You hate revealing your secrets and plans to overtake the Saviors and are passionate about what you stand for.


You're determined (to get to Washington). You radiate confidence and optimistism, yet you're short-tempered when someone sets you back. You may act impulsively, like punching Eugene in the face, but you’re honest about it. You like to take on leadership but also work well in groups and won’t leave anyone behind. You're passionate in your relationships and are romantic to your SO.


People can’t resist you! You can achieve anything, like going from a zookeeper to a king. You're generous and cheerful and because of that, diverse groups of people put their trust in you. Your admirers are loyal and are willing to do anything to help you. You like expensive things, like tigers and theatre.


You like traveling alone because it lets you feel free. You're super funny and will make bets over a candy bar. You keep an open mind, and that’s why you can change friend groups (or survival companions) so easily. You're willing to do anything to achieve your goals, like cut off the arms and mouths of zombies.


Anyone can count on you. You're so grounded and practical that people look up to you. You hate complications, but you can handle it even when your husband dies or when you're super pregnant. You’re pretty much a badass that is devoted to finding a solution. You don’t mind getting your hands dirty and are comfortable with outdoor activities like farming.


You grew up too fast. It's all work and no play with you. You won’t ever ask for help; you’d rather take on challenges yourself. You're kind and willing to save strangers from zombies; even though it gets you killed, you have no regrets. You're hardworking and won’t let anything slow you down, not even losing your eye.


Such a know-it-all! You're very smart, but it comes off as condescending at times. You're very disciplined and like structure and protection, which is why you’d turn your back and help the Saviors. However, you worry a lot and are always expecting the worst. You don’t have the courage to kill a walker, but you're willing to cross Rick—bad choice.

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