What We Learned from the Fab Five in Season 4

  1. 1. Find Pockets Of Happiness

    Johnathon revealed how difficult high school was for him and that cheerleading and the music department was his source of happiness. Being able to compartmentalize happy experiences away from a time of struggling is so important in being able to move forward. Even in the worst of situations Johnathon wants you to find the bright side. 

  2. 2. Don’t Skip The Chapter Of You

    Mrs. Dooley confessed to Karamo that she “skipped the chapter of me” and Karamo responds by telling her she needs to slow down. He advised her to find who she is outside of her career. Its important to find passions and hobbies outside of what you do everyday. You should never stop dreaming or give up on yourself, no matter your age. Invest in you; you won’t regret it!

  3. 3. It’s Not Easy To Say “This Is Me” 

    Its okay to be comfortable in your own skin, but it is not easy. Tan opens up about coming out to his family more recently and shows us how truly hard it was for him. The critiques of friends and family can hurt us the most, but it does get better. As you find your confidence and actively decide to choose what you represent the days get easier. Tan doesn’t get emotional too often on the show, but when he does, dang does it make us all tear up!

  4. 4. Keeping A Tradition Is Worth It 

    Antoni teach us how important it is to show those around you that you care. He shares a memory he has of his father making blueberry pancakes and how that made him feel loved and taken care of as a child. Finding opportunities to make a tradition, whether that be with your kids, S.O., or your besties it shows that you are invested in that relationship and are interested in spending time with them. 

  5. 5. You Are A Gorgeous Stunning Woman Regardless of Beauty Standards

    There is so much pressure to conform to beauty standards regarding weight, height, skin color, hair color, hair type, body hair, teeth whiteness, breast size, ect. It can be overwhelming to fit an image and we women do crazy things to fit into this category of “ideal beauty.” In this episode with Wanda, Johnathan reminds us that we get to define what it means to be feminine and that you are beautiful under that wig. He encourages Wanda to rock a natural style with her real hair. Thanks Johnathan, you’re a queen.  

  6. 6. It’s Healthy to Move On

    In episode 5, Kenny lets the Fab Five into his cluttered home. He admits that he is ashamed of the mess and it is revealed why he doesn’t take care of the home or himself. Kenny lives in his parents’ old house, who have since past away. He thinks he is preserving their memory by not changing the home. Bobby reassures him that there is a way to recreate the home so it honors their memory, but also lets the space function for Kenny. In order to move forward, you must put the past away and take care of yourself. 

  7. 7. You Are Not A Failure

    Karamo reminds us that being a failure is not defined by someone’s financial success. There are things in life that are much greater, like being kind, taking care of those around you or being involved in your community. Comparing yourself to others is not fair to yourself, so don’t do it. Isolating yourself like Kenny did will hurt your self-perception, rather by surrounding yourself with people who care about you will lift you up. You are not a failure. Better ever than never. 

  8. 8. Nothing Is Too Fancy For You 

    Tan is so amazing and empowers whom ever they have on the show through clothing. He refuses to let Deanna say that shopping at a boutique is “fancy.” He doesn’t want her to think that being sophisticated and professional is out of her reach.  You are that accomplished professional woman, so it is only natural you dress like it. Aside from my bias favoritism of Tan, he never puts the guests on the show in something that is totally not them or too out of their comfort zone. With Deanna he respects her love for her culture and wants to keep accents in her wardrobe while giving her a more elevated look. 

  9. 9. Not All Struggles Are Visible 

    Collaboratively, the Fab Five remind us that just because someone appears like they have everything they need in life does not mean that they do not struggle. It is difficult for people to be vulnerable and open up, so struggles go on without being talked about. It is okay to ask for help and you should to someone you feel comfortable around. If you are the person a friend comes to, be patient, listen and validate their struggle. It’s the best thing you can do for them. 

  10. 10. You Don’t Know What You Need Till You Try It

    Karamo is teaching us all sorts of things this season. In the final episode he gives advise to Matt that you don’t know what you need till you try it. Change is good, but along the way you have to figure out what is good for you and what challenges you as a person. Karamo says, “If you don’ expose yourself to new things your ideas will be limited in some degree.” He couldn’t have said it any better. At the center of our being is new experiences. 

Overall, this show is inspiring and truly demonstrates how such different people are not so different. They make an impact on the individuals and the advice is applicable to just about anyone. Thank you Fab Five for bringing people together, breaking down barriers, empowering, uplifting, and showing people they are worth it. We can’t wait for season 5.