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What Bath and Body Works Holiday Scent are you Based on your Zodiac?

So, you may be aware that I recently landed a job at Bath and Body Works as a seasonal employee.  So far, I love the job.  I get to sell candles, body wash and lotion all day–– it is fantastic.  Since I have started working there, I have learned a lot about the different scents, particularly the Holiday collection.  I thought it might be fun to combine my two current favorites–– BBW and Zodiac! Keep reading to find out what scent I think you are based on your Zodiac sign!


When I think of Capricorns, I think of the straight-A student, probably a business or economics major, and super down to earth.  Kind of the stereotypical “girl next door”.  For Capricorns, I associate them with the Snowy Peach Berry.  I think this suits Capricorns well as the scent is more earthy and has a twist of holiday cheer. 


I’m personally an Aquarius, so this might be a little biased.  When I think of Aquariuses, they’re the most rebellious of the sign, and they also tend to be very spiritual.  For that reason, I think the White Eucalyptus & Sage candle fits Aquariuses well.  It has very natural scents like essential oils, with a hint of pine. 


Everything with Pisces is water, water, water.  Pisces are also usually very gentle, kind, and romantic.  For that reason, I’m going to associate Pisces with Champagne Toast.  This is my favorite scent of all time (it’s also a best-seller).  I think Champagne Toast holds a citrusy, fresh scent, but also is romantic at the same time.


Aries are fiery.  Like… Insanely fiery.  I’m kind of scared of them.  Because of this passion they hold, I am going to give them the Cinnamon Clove Buds candle.  To me, Cinnamon corresponds with fire, and Aries are fire signs.


When I think of Taurus, I think of someone that is incredibly drawn to nature and loves comfort.  Because of their draw to nature, I think the Fresh Balsam candle makes the most sense for them. 


Gemini’s are super outgoing, bright, and bubbly.  For that reason, I think they most align with the Winter Candy Apple scent. This scent is bright, cheery, and festive. 


Cancer’s are the most emotional of the signs, but they are very caring.  To me, they care a lot about tradition, so I think they would like one of the more traditional scents: Under the Christmas Tree.


Leo’s are almost always extroverts, confident, and passionate.  To me, they are bold.  I think the boldest scent that reminds me of Leo’s is Twisted Peppermint, another bestseller.


Virgo’s are crazily organized.  They remind me of someone that is always organized, neat, and on-time.  Because of these traits, they remind me of someone that likes everything sort of straightforward.  The Winter candle (my mom’s personal favorite) is just that.  


Libra’s are idealistic, kind, yet can be a little bit materialistic.  Not in a bad way though.  They just like shiny things (: For Libra’s I am recommending the Berry Spritzler.


Scorpio’s are stubborn, yet honest, determined, and loyal.  For Scorpio’s, I also associate them with fire, even though they’re a water sign.  I think Frosted Cranberry represents Scorpios well. 


Sag! It’s your season! Happy Birthday! Because you were literally born in the Holiday season, I’m going to give you a candle that is sort of self-explanatory… Tis the Season.  It’s not super balsam-y because I know some Sagittarius actually strongly dislike the holiday season, however it is just festive enough!

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