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What Academic Building Are You According to Your Sign

Struggling to decide your major? Looking for a new study spot? Maybe you should refer to the stars! See what DePauw building you are based on your zodiac sign:


Libra: Asbury Hall. You’re out to balance the scales!! You are social justice-minded; that’s why you can often be found in sociology and political science classes. You value relationships and people often ask you for advice because you are good at seeing all sides of an argument—ah, those philosophy classes are coming in handy!!


Aries: Lily. You can be pretty competitive. You’re action-oriented and know yourself, which is why you can be found working on yo’ self at the gym. You’re a fire sign, so naturally you like to keep things movin’ and groovin’!!


Aquarius: The Center for Diversity and Inclusion. You want to make a difference in the world. You are a problem-solver and natural do-gooder. You would thrive as a social worker, mediator, or political activist. That’s why you are likely involved in social justice orgs and can be found working in the CDI.


Leo: Harrison Hall. You find yourself as the center of attention quite a bit, but you work well with others. You want a life of luxury and will make a great business woman, so we will probably find you in Harrison in an econ class.


Capricorn: East College. Ah, the history. The smell of old books. You are ~living~ your best life, you old soul! You always give your all, which is why you excel in foreign languages.


Cancer: PCCM. You are a little social butterfly. You are probably a communications major, so you can often be found studying away in the PCCM or doing a radio show! We might also see you shooting an episode for D3TV since you are bundle of energy and made to be on screen!!


Scorpio: Julian. You are driven and persistent. You’ve got a surgeon’s eye and are probably pre-med or in lots of science classes, so Julian it is. You will do well in a high-stakes job.


Virgo: Roy. You are ambitious and driven, so you spend many hours at the library studying away. You’re also humble, so it’s likely that you’ll be up on the third floor away from the crowds and just doing you!


Taurus: Olin. You are curious, and the mysteries of the world excite you!! That’s why you can often be found in a biology class or hanging with the animals in Olin. You’re not afraid to get your hands dirty either!


Pises: GCPA. You have a creative and artsy side, so you can be found in the practice rooms of the GCPA. You’re unique and not afraid to show it! You are the voice of your generation (ha, get it?).


Gemini: Emison Admissions Building. You love to talk and meet new people. You want to share your love for DePauw with others, and your energy is contagious! Plus, you talk with your hands a lot, so naturally a tour guide is the perfect job for you!


Sagittarius: The Prindle Institute for Ethics. You’re morally conscious and strive to always do the right thing, so we might catch you in a Prindle reading class. You also are reflective and like your alone time, so a yoga class or a quiet night by the fire is perfect for you.

Hi, my name is Bridget! I'm a Peace and Conflict Studies major with Philosophy and Asian Studies minors. I love writing about my friends, personal growth, social justice, and of course, all things Bachelor/Bachelorette!
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