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Ways to Spice Up Self Care in the Winter Months

The coldest months of winter can often bring about different needs to self-care, especially since the cold weather means spending more time indoors, or risking exposure to rough weather conditions. Here are some fun ways to spice up your winter self-care to keep yourself feeling good!

Change Up Your Skincare

One of the best ways to improve your self care in the winter is to change your skincare routine to accommodate the changing conditions. Because of how cold and windy it can get, many people find themselves with dryer skin. To combat this, I often switch from a foam-based cleanser to a gentle, extra moisturizing, cream-based formula. I also opt for a stronger moisturizer and face masks. Did you know that you can use face moisturizer throughout the day? You should use it whenever your skin is dry, not just after washing your face.

Take a Bath

Sometimes it is just better to take a nice hot bath in the winter. Plus, there are all sorts of fun and beneficial ways to spruce up your bath time. To combat dry skin, pour a tiny bit of baby oil in the water as you draw the bath. Be careful though, it can make the tub slippery. Pour in some bubble bath (shower gel can be a substitute). Add a bath bomb or some Epsom salts, bath flower petals, or even add exfoliating sugar cubes. The options are unlimited! You can also listen to your favorite music or read a book. Just make sure you relax.


Besides using a face moisturizer, adding lip balm and body lotion to your routine can have your whole body feeling smooth and hydrated! I like to use lip balm throughout the day and also before I go to sleep so that I have hydrated lips. No one likes the discomfort of super chapped lips. Use a gentle lotion for all over the body. I like to use unscented lotion for my legs and arms, and then a tiny bit of scented lotion on my hands. I also apply lotion to my legs after shaving (with moisturizing shaving cream!) because the skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to dryness.

Light a Candle

I love candles! Not only are they absolutely beautiful to look at, but they also fill the room with pleasant aromas. I like to light candles during the day when I need some extra peace, and also before bed to aid in relaxation. Scents like lavender are perfect for relaxation, and fruity scents and savory scents can be used throughout the day to enhance ambiance and bring in some peace. If your dorm bans candles, electric wax warmers, scent plug-ins, and essential oil diffusers do the same thing, and are flame-free. 

Drink Something Nice

Winter = delicious hot drinks! Make yourself a cup of tea, cider, hot chocolate, coffee, warm milk, whatever strikes your fancy! Personally, I love a nice cup of herbal tea with some honey. The tea is good for your body, and the honey can soothe a sore throat. Then curl up with your favorite book or tv show and relax a little bit. Add comfy clothes, fuzzy socks, and a comforting blanket to enhance your relaxation.

Invest in a Humidifier

When the furnace is on constantly, it can take moisture out of the air. That means that you can wake up with a sore throat and irritated, or bloody, nose. There is an easy fix to this! Grab a humidifier, fill it up, and plug it in. Humidifiers take water and turn it into vapor to add moisture back into the air. Some humidifiers even have color-changing lights, or can be found in interesting and cute shapes. Kiss sore throats and irritated noses goodbye! 

I hope that these little tips and suggestions can help you feel like your best self this winter!

Emily Scharf

DePauw '24

Emily is a vocal performance major at DePauw University! She loves all things creative, fun, and musical.
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