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I am so into pink eyeshadow right now, I just wanted to write an article solely about Valentine’s Day makeup. 

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if it’s because February is my birthday month, or because I love all of the cute pink and red decorations, but I love it.  Here are some Valentine’s Day inspired looks to get your heart fluttering! 

  1. Simple pink eyeshadow with a rosy cheek 

This would look so incredibly adorable. I don’t know if I have enough courage to do this myself (working on it), but I think this would look absolutely perfect for a cute Valentine’s date or a year-round celebration.  Pink is always in.  

  1. A natural base with a pink lip.

I am absolutely convinced this look will never, ever go out of style. I mean, a glowy base with a pop of exciting pink? I am sold.

3. A graphic liner

Okay, if you can do eyeliner, this look is for you. I am simply not coordinated enough to get a precise wing but imagine how cute it would be to do a pastel pink graphic liner. I am living for it. If you do this, send me a picture (and a tutorial).

4. A pink cut-crease

Please!! Someone do this, I will literally pay you. If you’re looking for more of a dramatic flair this V-Day, this look is for you.

If you do any of these looks, DM us on Instagram! Seriously. I want to see. I am so incredibly untalented at eyeshadow, but I would love to see any of these looks you recreate. I might just give some of them a shot, as well!

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.
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