The Underuse of Accessories

With all the different clothes in our closets, we often forget to think about the little things when putting together a full outfit. While special events and weekend outings often involve thinking about the full outfit from head to toe, accessories to outfits are often forgotten in the day-to-day fashion of a college student. A simple accessory can transform a whole outfit and help increase your fashion cred with your friends.

Here some accessories you may be forgetting about:


            Earrings can add flare, fun, and sophistication to any outfit. While most people have their go-to pair of earrings that they keep in most days except for special occasions, a little change can transform an outfit. Pairing a set of hoops with almost any outfit can make you feel sexy and confident. Putting on a pair of dangly colorful earrings with a more neutral-colored top can be that bit of fun you need mid-week to put a smile on your face and others'. If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, pearl earrings or small silver or gold dangling earrings can add class to your outfit, and a pair of fun-shaped circle, diamond or triangular earrings can add a pop to any chic outfit.


Bracelets often go by the wayside in terms of accessories because of the unnatural feeling that they can have on your arms. But finding a good bracelet can lead to this accessory becoming a staple of your everyday fashion, and the use of bracelets, especially in the warmer months, can help you show off your arms. Whether it is a set of fun bangles, a friendship bracelet, or a bracelet for a good cause, all of them can add allure and contrast to your wrist.


            A more-used accessory are necklaces. They often carry special meaning and a lot of people have simple necklaces that they wear every day. Necklaces come in so many different lengths and sizes that the possibilities are endless. A statement necklace on top of a simple top, a choker to compliment an edgy look and a long dangly necklace with a fun summer dress or beautiful top can make your simple outfit, that may have been put together in five minutes, seem like it was put together by a fashion designer.


While the cold weather is starting to fade away (finally), scarves are still in style. A light scarf can add a flowy and fun bit of fashion to your outfit.  Steering away from thicker scarfs that accompany the winter months, silky scarfs don’t add too much heat to your outfit but provide fun as well as protection from the cold breeze that sometimes accompanies spring.


            The most forgotten accessory and perhaps the most seasonal accessory. Winter leaves ankles covered in thick socks and big winter boots. However, warmer weather equates to footwear that covers less, such as sandals and boat shoes. Anklets can give charm to an underdressed part of the body, the ankle. Small-chained anklets or colorful friendship bracelets are just the summer accessory you need to show off your tan and toned summer legs.