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Underrated or Unconventional Christmas Movies You Need to Watch This Christmas

Everyone has their own holiday favorites for the Christmas season, but watching the same movies every year can get boring. Here are 7 of my personal favorite movies, all of which are either underrated or unconventional, to add to your watchlist this Christmas season! 

Unaccompanied Minors

This film has been slept on ever since its initial release in 2006. The movie follows the lives of five kids who have been stranded alone at the airport for Christmas, which earns them the title of “unaccompanied minors.” Instead of waiting for their flights to take off, the kids decide to band together and cause chaos in and out of the airport. Watching this movie will bring out the inner kid inside of you, while still managing to touch your heart. Be prepared for classic fun, amazing storylines, and an amazing cast of kids as they make a fool out of every adult they come across. 

The Holiday

While this film may be popular, it’s still underrated! The Holiday is the perfect rom-com to curl up with on a winter night. Reminiscent of a Love Actually plotline, the story follows two completely different strangers who switch lives in order to escape their own realities. We watch as the two women swap houses and cars to living under the contrasting backdrops of LA and rural England. Each woman, aiming to find solace, finds something they don’t quite expect. This movie is so charming and includes such a star-packed cast. There’s no denying that this is the perfect pick for Christmas.

Edward Scissorhands

While it is not a traditional Christmas movie, this Tim Burton piece still manages to capture the essence of Christmas with an amazing story and a beautiful snow scene. In a perfect town, nobody expects someone as peculiar as Edward to show up. Edward, the result of an unfinished science experiment, has scissors for hands and is left to fend for himself. One family takes him in and watches as their suburban town finds themselves infatuated with Edward. The story takes us into a wild ride of chaos, romance, and hatred as Edward finds home. The cast is packed with names such as Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, and includes an immaculate soundtrack. While it may be unconventional, this is one movie you don’t want to miss.

Arthur Christmas

When you think of animated Christmas movies, you probably think of the classics. However, this movie brings a refreshing voice to the animated Christmas films. The movie follows Santa’s son, Arthur, as he takes on the mission of delivering one of his father’s forgotten presents on Christmas night. What results is a hilarious yet lighthearted movie set to be a new classic. The creators of the film manage to keep tradition alive while re-imagining the classic stories of Santa with the use of technology in 2011. There’s no doubt that you’ll leave the movie with a warm heart.

Last Holiday

Queen Latifah made this 2006 rom-com which follows her journey to Europe after hearing the devastating news that she only has a short few weeks to live. After hearing the news of her terminal illness, she sets off to live like the Queen she is in a luxe hotel. The movie shows her interactions with the staff and others she meets at the hotel, where she plans to live out the rest of her days. While the movie sounds quite somber, it is filled with light and love during the holiday season. The story brings awareness to what’s truly important in life, and is a must-watch.

Harry Potter

I think we’ve all heard of this one, and for good reason. Harry Potter encapsulates the warmth of Christmas through its timeless shots of Hogwarts, lovable characters, and whimsical storylines. Whether you’re an OG Harry Potter fan or have never seen the series, there’s something for everyone to get out of the series. While all of the Harry Potter movies can induce that feeling of Christmas, the first, fourth, and fifth films do the best job in portraying Christmas in my opinion. The first film includes the classic scene where Harry and Ron have Christmas at Hogwarts, the fourth includes the Yule Ball, while the fifth shows the classic Weasley Christmas. Make sure to whip up some butterbeer for the optimal experience!

Let it Snow

The final movie on the list is a book adaptation which follows several teenagers from a small town during the holidays. In true Love Actually style action, the stories all intertwine to encapsulate the bigger picture. Let it Snow looks at topics such as LGBTQ+ love, friendship, fame, illness, and so much more in such a short amount of time. While a bit cheesy, the film still manages to get you to laugh and feel good by the end. It’s a quick Netflix watch, and a good one to watch with friends.

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