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With the biggest holiday season of the year approaching, gift shopping is definitely on our radars. We have to go shopping for family members and of course, our friends. It isn’t unusual to be stumped on what to get our loved ones. Here is a list of awesome gift ideas for your musical friend or family member!

Sheet Music Gift Cards

What are musicians in constant need of? Music! Due to copyright laws, musicians can’t just download music or take a picture of the music in a book from the library. They have to purchase the sheet music. That can become expensive, especially if they have to provide sheet music for accompanists or have to have original copies for music competitions. Many music publishers, including J.W. Pepper Sheet Music, Musicnotes.com, and Sheet Music Plus, offer gift cards that can be used online. 

Travel Music Equipment

Is your musician always on the move, going from rehearsal to rehearsal and gig to gig? Most music equipment can be a pain to take along, especially if the equipment isn’t designed to collapse in size and travel with. This makes musicians’ everyday tasks more difficult. Luckily, it is easy to find sturdy travel music stands, instrument cases, and collapsible stools and benches online! If you are looking for a sturdy music stand, I would recommend those made by Kasonic, specifically the two-in-one dual use stand with a portable case. This stand comes apart easily and is also very sturdy, unlike most travel stands. It also comes with a sheet music clip and page holders. I would not recommend purchasing wire stands, as they are flimsy and can’t hold much. World Tour brand makes excellent keyboard stands and stools/benches that are collapsible and easy to transport. 

Black Clothing

Musicians are in constant need of black clothing, seeing how that is the uniform color for most occasions. Being a college music student, I have found myself in need of black clothing and shoes in different styles all the time. The nice thing about black clothing is that it comes in a variety of styles and cuts, and also formality level. If you know your musician’s size and style, consider going out and buying a mix of dressy, formal, and casual black clothing that you think they will like. Just make sure to get a gift receipt in case the outfit you selected doesn’t fit well. 


Does your musician have a favorite singer, band, opera, or musical? Surprise them this holiday with merch! You can find merch of all sorts online via Amazon and Etsy. From t-shirts, albums, show posters, programs, to jewelry, fanart, sheet music, and collector's items; the options are endless! If you aren’t sure what they like, there is also plenty of general music-related merch out there as well: music note printed attire, wall art, music note jewelry, and stationery! 


Stationery is always helpful for musicians. Pencils and manuscript (also known as score paper) paper are essentials for the musician who enjoys composing. Music note patterned stationery can also add a personal touch to a musician’s everyday working materials. Whatever stationery you think they will like, there is certainly a music patterned version out there! 

Whatever you decide to get your musician friend or family member, they are sure to be happy just because you thought of them. Remember, the gift itself is just a plus, and it’s the thought that counts. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Emily Scharf

DePauw '24

Emily is a vocal performance major at DePauw University! She loves all things creative, fun, and musical.
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