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Tyler Donaldson ’16

Introducing our newest Campus Cutie, Tyler Donaldson! Tyler is a senior geology major from Greenwood, Indiana.  Her Campus was able to sit down with Tyler to talk about her DePauw experience, perfect fall date, and plans for post-graduation.
Her Campus: Hey Tyler! Thanks so much for taking the time to talk with us. We know you’re very busy with school and all of your activities. Can you tell us what you’re involved in at DePauw?
Tyler Donaldson: Of course! I’m the President of Geology Club, the President of Delta Gamma Fraternity, and I’ve been involved in many community service projects.
HC: Wow that’s very impressive. What are some of the community service projects you’ve been involved in?
TD: I’ve volunteered at Asbury Towers with Delta Gamma and on my own. I have also helped out at Beyond Homeless, which is a women’s shelter in Greencastle. When I go home for break I help out at the Pit Bull Rescue Center in Indianapolis. I have two pit bulls myself. 
HC: That’s great Tyler! Our community is lucky to have people like you. So I’ve heard you’ve gone on some great Winter Term and summer trips. Can you tell us about those great experiences?
TD: Last Winter Term I went to Southern California and we camped in Death Valley for a week. While we were there we went hiking and mapping for geology purposes. I took a May Term trip to the Colorado River the year before that. We went white water rafting and hiking. On that trip we visited a bunch of national parks around Utah and Arizona; it was a lot of fun! This past summer I went to southern Illinois for four weeks. It was a geo-archeology fieldwork trip so we were looking for Native American artifacts. They had never found human remains before, but on the last day of digging my partner and I found a human leg bone. We were so excited!
HC: Wow that must have been amazing! All of the trips you went on sound great. DePauw really does a great job of setting up those opportunities for students. With all of those amazing DePauw experiences what are your plans for after graduation?
TD: After graduation I will hopefully be attending University of Arizona or University of California, Berkeley for grad school. I want to get my masters in volcanology, which is the study of volcanoes. 
HC: Those options both sound fantastic. Can you tell us some fun facts about yourself?
TD: I’m super flexible actually! I can do a scorpion. I was also a diver in high school! 
HC: That’s really interesting. So we’re dying to know, what is your perfect date?
TD: Oh wow that’s really hard! Well I love fall; it’s my favorite season. So my perfect date would involve some fun fall activities. First we’d go to Starbucks to get some pumpkin spice lattes, then walk around the nature park and look at all the fall decorations, and then end the date watching something scary like American horror story until I fall asleep. 
HC: That sounds like the perfect fall date! So Tyler, are you single?
TD: I am not single. Actually, my boyfriend and I’s one year anniversary was on November 1st!
HC: Aww that’s so cute! I hope you had a great anniversary. Thanks for sitting down with Her Campus today!
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