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Top Tips For Getting Organized and Setting Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at DePauw chapter.

The fall semester is finally here! Syllabus week is over and midterms are weeks away, which means fall break is also soon approaching!! Over the course of me being a student I have compiled a list of things that can help the semester feel a little more organized and ways to set goals for the academic year! These are things that have helped me and hopefully at least one of these can help one of you! 

  1. Find A Routine 

Establishing a consistent routine has been proven to help you feel more organized during your day. Everyone’s routines are different, and we all have different ways to help us feel like we are put together. For some it may be writing everything they have to do for the day down on a whiteboard or a notepad first thing in the morning. For others it may be picking their outfit out and prepping their book bag the night before. Whatever it is, establishing a good routine in your daily life can help you feel a little more organized! 

  1. Google/Phone Calendar 

This is my staple when it comes to organization. Google Calendar allows for you to make separate calendars so you can divide homework and events happening on campus separately. You can also set it to send you reminders throughout the day so you don’t forget a meeting or an assignment that week. Phone calendars also do the same thing, so if you want to avoid downloading another app, you can just add it directly to your phone! It’s also a great place to add any goals you might have for the semester and when you want to achieve them! 

  1. Writing Things Down 

Writing down assignments, exams approaching, or deadlines on anything can be helpful if you’re not a big fan of putting everything down on a calendar.  Keeping a written list of things you need to accomplish during the day or week and keeping it somewhere you will see it can help keep you organized. If you have a particular goal you want to get done during the day or week, write it down, too!  If you’re anything like me, sometimes you forget something and having that list there can be beneficial to ensure you get everything done!

  1. Set Deadlines and Don’t Multitask

Setting deadlines for yourself can help you stay on track with all your assignments. I sometimes get swept away with having other things to do that I try to get everything done at once. I’ve found that setting deadlines has helped me avoid doing that! Multitasking while trying to get an assignment done can take longer than you would like to finish it. I feel like setting a specific amount of time to get something done can be beneficial and help you feel a little less stressed! 

  1. Find Things That Work For You! 

Everyone has different ways of staying organized. Not one person is ever the same, so if you know what works best for you to stay organized keep it up! I know friends who use folders to keep their syllabus handy. I know others who color code everything to keep track of class assignments. All of our routines are different. What works for one person might not work for you or me. It’s all about finding what helps you stay organized! 

Hi! My name is Nayeli Torres-Ochoa. I am a junior and neuroscience major at DePauw University. I love coffee, traveling, writing, and reading.