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Top Seven Things Baristas and Bartenders LOVE to Hear

Hello, beautiful lovely amazing HerCampus readers! Today’s article is about barista’s and bartender’s absolute favorite things to hear from guests at our places. I’ve been working at a combination brewery/coffee shop (really weird, I know) since May and, as someone who has worked both positions and dealt with angels and monsters of customers, I’m here to tell you what you should do to make barista’s and bartender’s days just a little bit brighter.

Please for the love of everything holy–– be polite.

Please, just be kind. We’re tired. You’re probably tired too. Please use your nice voice and don’t yell at us, unless it’s super loud and yelling is the only way to hear each other.


As a barista/bartender at a locally-owned shop and not a Starbs or Dunkin, I get paid less than minimum wage (super common for servers/waitresses/bartenders), and so I get most of my money from tips. Even if you can only leave a dollar or two, we appreciate every cent. And if you can’t, no worries! We understand that not everyone can or will tip, but don’t make a comment about how I don’t deserve to be tipped because it’s not a sit-down-and-be-served establishment.

Ask us questions!

If other baristas/bartenders are anything like me, we LOVE when you ask us questions about our favorite drinks or what we recommend. A guest putting their taste buds in my hands (metaphorically, otherwise it would be gross) is, like, the highest form of compliment and I will do everything in my power to make them a drink they will love.

Chat with us while we ring up your order or make your drink!

I promise that (unless we’re having the worst day ever) we really appreciate customers who chat and make small talk with us. It’s energizing and super fun to get to interact with new people, so a cheeky talk with customers is always always welcome.

Say thank you!

This one is a biggie, just because it really shows your barista/bartender that you appreciate their time and effort in making something for you. Or, at least don’t be an a-hole and grumble out a “finally” when your drink is finally done.


So, this one isn’t really something that can be seen on the customer’s whole face (mask up ladies!!), but we can hear it in your voice and in the crinkles by your eyes. A smile and a friendly face really goes a long way.

Respond to our questions or say hi back!

This may seem like a very small thing and something you may do already and don’t even think about, but trust me. It makes our day so much better and gives us a fun little ~mood boost~ to keep chugging along for the rest of our ten-hour shift.

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