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Tommy/Nellie ‘??

Recently I was able to catch up with Tommy/Nellie, an orange cat who lives around the Alpha Chi house. Tommy/Nellie loves to lay on the porch, roll on their back, and is a talented squirrel hunter. Tommy/Nellie sort of sat down with HerCampus in front of the Alpha Chi house.

HerCampus: Hi Tom or Nellie, thank you for meeting with HerCampus!


HC: So, how have you been doing?

T/N: *rolls over*

HC: Oh, good! Yeah that does sound great. So what extracurriculars are you involved in on campus?

T/N: *still is rolled over*

HC: What are your passions? What really gets you excited for every morning?

T/N: *gets up and walks into my knee*

HC: I heard you’re really great at catching squirrels, what’s your method?

T/N: *walks around me*

HC: If you were a Vine, as in the seven-second videos, which one would you be?

T/N: *runs away due to very loud car*

HC: Thank you for your time.

(Yes, I did actually ask Tommy/Nellie these questions)

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