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Tommy Fernitz

This week’s cutie is the big man on campus! Literally! I’m sure most of you have seen the tall Tommy Fernitz walking around campus or on the basketball court….you can’t miss him! Tommy and I met in Julian to conduct our interview before he had to get to basketball practice. With that being said, it would only make sense that he showed up wearing his practice gear; covered from head to toe in DePauw black and gold! Who doesn’t love a D3 athlete!

Her Campus – Let’s begin by getting some background info! Tell our lovely readers about yourself Tommy, where you live, what you like to do for fun, anything at all.

Campus Cutie– I am a senior here at DePauw and I’m from Northbrook, Illinois aka The Brook.  I am a tall lanky man who loves Reese’s Blizzards from DQ with the occasional vanilla dipped cone.  I play basketball here at DePauw, which keeps me very busy but I’m also in the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.   You can find me posting up on the dance floor, or if it’s a Wednesday, I’ll be in the bum room. I’m also a communications major.  

HC– Great timing for this interview because basketball season just started! How is the squad looking this year? Got any shout outs for any of your teammates?

CC– The squad is looking great.  We’re very excited to pack the Lilly Pad this season and can’t wait for our first home game.  I’d love to give a shout out to my senior teammate Bob Dillon; he’s also single and loves the dance floor as well.  I would also like to give a shout out to an up and coming hooper, Luke Lattner, the kid has Heisman blood.   

HC– Sounds like you’ve got a pretty tight-knit team; that always creates a fun atmosphere. Alight, lets break out some basketball questions. How do you pump yourself up for a big game?

CC– The team usually likes to blast music in the locker room before big games against Wabash or nationally ranked opponents.  If that doesn’t do the trick I just have Mark Johnson slap me in the face so I wake up.

HC– Well that sounds like a very unique pump up, a slap in the face will definitely wake you up! Gosh, what a good friend Mark is for volunteering to do that. So if you had to pick one game day song, that really gets you fired up, what would it be?

CC– Wow that’s a tough one.  Drake is usually my go to or Wiz Khalfia but to be honest, Blank Spaces by T-Swift has been on repeat ever since it came out.

HC– I have to admit, I am not surprised by that…that is the popular jam at the moment. So I know you are aware that I use to hoop back in the day here at DePauw…but now I am retired. Do you think I could beat you one on one?

CC– Well I know you do a have silky smooth jumper and some nice handles but I’m a little worried about the size advantage I have on you.  There’s really only one way to find out though. 

HC– I think this is the first time that a formal challenge has ever been proposed during an interview…challenge accepted sir. I’ll have my editor call your coach and set up the official one on one match. Moving on, I’d like to do a special edition of campus cutie this week, so I am going to stuff some Thanksgiving questions in the mix. What is your favorite Thanksgiving food and why?

CC– I look forward to the pumpkin pie my Mom serves at the Fernitz’s family party every year.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

HC– I know the basketball team has to stay on campus for Thanksgiving break, so who will you be eating your Turkey Day meal with, and what will the menu consist of?

CC– The team likes to usually go out somewhere but with the many options Greencastle provides us; it will probably consist of a healthy GCB from Marvin’s.  I hope this year I get to eat with the seniors—Bob Dillon, Connor Rich, Frank Patton, and Mike Onurah.    

HC: I hope that Thanksgiving meal happens for you too! You might want to make a reservation at Marvin’s though, or preorder your GCB! Soooo our readers are ready to know by now… what is the status of our campus cutie, basketball stud of the week?

CC– I thought you’d never ask!! I like to keep my status rather blurry sometimes so this is some inside information, but as of right now I’m single. 

HC– Okay, so what attributes do you look for in that special chica that catches your eye?

CC– I like my chicas to be down to earth, and someone that I can easily carry a conversation with.  I also don’t mind if they have a soft spot for sports…never hurts.

HC– This has been a lovely campus cutie special Thanksgiving/basketball edition. Thanks for stopping by today Tommy!

HC- There you have it ladies, Mr. Tommy Fernitz! Not only is he the sweetest guy on campus, but he is so approachable and easy to chat with. Tommy had me laughing throughout out interview with his a great sense of humor; he really has the full package! Be sure to pack the Lily Pad during the basketball games so you can cheer on Tommy and the rest of your DePauw Tigers!



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