Tips to Keep Your Perfume Fresh

  1. 1. Keep Purfume Away From Sunlight

    Although placing your perfume bottle in the sun looks very beautiful, this is the worst place to store perfume. Sunlight can affect perfumes, making them degenerate earlier and making them unable to retain their original smell. The light breaks down the molecules of a perfume making its composition unstable and easily oxidized. The fragrance will be most stable when you store it in a cool, dry places away from direct sunlight.

  2. 2. Keep Fragrances in Low-Temperature

    Excessive heat will disrupt the aroma molecule and change its chemical state. The lower the temperature, the better for perfume. Since perfume is liquid and very volatile, you can make sure to keep the perfume bottle away from any heat source. It is best to keep your perfume in dark, light and cool areas, at about 59 degrees.

  3. 3. Store Purfume in Closed Cupboard

    Many people have a habit of putting perfume in the bathrooms, which is not recommended. The perfume will change its composition due to excessive humidity and sudden temperature changes in the bathroom. Instead, you should store them in a sealed glass case, away from the sun. Or, you could keep them in their original boxes. These boxes are designed by manufacturers to preserve fragrances and avoid damage from the outside. Furthermore, each version has its own container, so do not mix them up! That will disturb or affect the scent, and the fragrance will lose its smell when you use it.

  4. 4. Store Frangances in a Fridge

    To keep the fragrance at an ideal temperature, a refrigerator is a perfect choice. The low-temperature environment will help extend the life of the perfume pretty well. However, if you put perfume in the fridge, make sure you have a separate compartment or wrap it in aluminum foil, otherwise, perfume will cause toxins to leak into food, causing potential health risks.