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Tips for Being a Jobless Senior

So you’re a senior, graduation is a couple of months away and you still don’t have a job. Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel. Finding a job is tough especially when you are trying to balance homework, extracurricular activities and enjoying your last moments as a college student. This time for seniors is stressful, but I hope these tips can help.

1. Manage your time

Now that you are a senior, you have to prioritize your time meaning that going to every party on the weekend may not be possible. However, this doesn’t mean don’t have fun! Schedule time throughout the week to look up jobs and complete applications, then you will feel accomplished and stress free when it’s time to party!

2. Keep your options open

When you graduate college you usually have an image of exactly what your dream job looks like and where you want to work. This is good, but don’t rule out a particular organization because it doesn’t immediately catch your eye. Your dream job could be at a place you never expected. That’s why when searching for jobs it’s always important to do research.


3. Stay Organized

Searching for jobs can get messy and confusing! Before you know it, you’ve applied to ten jobs with ten different due dates that you can’t remember. Make sure you stay organized and keep a list of all the jobs you’ve applied to with their due dates and websites.

4. Breathe and Enjoy Being a Senior (maybe the most important one!)

Stay positive! Continue to work hard and you will find a job. Last, but definitely not least, enjoy your last semester as an undergrad. Spend time with your friends and make lots of memories because you will never be together with all of these people, at this age, in this space ever again so make the most of it while you still can.


My name is Taylor Ingram and I am a part of the Class of 2017 at DePauw University! I am from St. Louis, Missouri and I am majoring in Communication with a minor in Spanish. Writing has always been my passion and I love connecting with other people through it.
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