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The Quintessential Playlist For Late Autumn

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As autumn slowly transitions from brightly colored leaves on trees to fallen brown leaves, there is still a longing for the crisp fall air before it turns bitingly cold in the wintertime. These ten songs are the essential soundtracks to any chilly late autumn day.  

10. Autumn Almanac by The Kinks

This cheery and classic Kinks song details the fun in autumn traditions and staying inside to hide from the weather. The Kinks even sing about picturesque autumn weekends with football on Saturdays and roast beef dinners on Sundays. While this song does not specifically mention Thanksgiving the Kinks sing about sitting around a fire eating deliciously cooked food and makes for the perfect non-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving song!  

9. Strange Brew by Cream

This psychedelic 60’s classic song encompasses the autumnal feeling that comes with the leaves changing colors and the air getting colder. Furthermore, this song makes walking through the fall foliage an experience to be enjoyed and the changing of seasons appreciated.

8. I’m Waiting For The Man by The Velvet Underground, Nico

This unique sound the Velvet Underground is known for fits the late autumn vibe of walking outside and enjoying what is left of the fall foliage.   

7. Weather With You by Crowded House

This early 90’s song is just that, cheerful and uses the guitar to make a more twangy but still soft rock sound. The lyrics detail the being in a familiar place but how it has changed over time. The chorus of the song goes: “Everywhere you go always take the weather with you” meaning blue skies and sunny weather are a state of mind and as those grey and chilly winter days approach it’s important to be reminded that beautiful days are a state of mind. 

6. Harvest Moon by Neil Young

This slower and more charming song personifies what the late autumn nights feel like. Under a glowing white moon and “just like children sleeping we could dream this night away” sings Young. “Let’s go out and feel the night” refers to still being in love with someone and wanting to share the beauty of the silence of a fall night together.

5.Balloon Drop Shadow by The Cleaners From Venus

This song to me is the feeling of walking under the autumn leaves. Also, this song is the only one on this list that does not have lyrics and so just through the music alone it personifies what the perfect fall day feels like. 

4. Black Magic Woman by Santana 

This very spooky and eerie-sounding song is a classic during the fall months. However, where this song really fits is in the later fall months because musically it emulates the feeling of crisp fall air and mystique which comes with the world becoming so bare. Again this song has a very psychedelic sound and makes for the perfect song to enjoy the autumnal weather to while on a walk or drive.  

3. Cemetery Gates by The Smiths 

This popular Smiths song has a dark background that many listeners are unaware of because it is such a cheery-sounding song. Nonetheless, this song is about the cycle of life and remembering the happy times with loved ones and makes this song a good reminder to look at the changing of the seasons as a new beginning and to keep close the good memories.  

2. Drown by The Smashing Pumpkins 

The Smashing Pumpkins 90’s alternative sound is what makes this song perfect for the late Autumn mood. This song is about a sense of loss and with the world losing its leaves and greenery this more upbeat sounding song reflects that loss of something beautiful in search for what is next. In the weather’s case it will be the enchanting winter days to come.   

1.  Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac 

This classic Fleetwood Mac song was written by Stevie Nicks and describes the Welsh Goddess Rhiannon. However, the interesting thing about this song is at the time Nicks was writing it she was unaware that there was a Welsh Goddess named Rhiannon so when Nicks learned this she was shocked to find out that her description of the Rhiannon in her song matched the folklore of the goddess Rhiannon. This spooky feeling and the autumnal song make it the perfect late fall tune.   

These songs exemplify the colder and late autumn vibe that comes with blue skies and bare trees.

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