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The Group Chat Exclusive with Dr. Jennifer Lincoln

A few days ago, Her Campus gave members the opportunity to join an exclusive ‘group chat’ with Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, a TikTok famous OBGYN.  Dr. Lincoln is based in Portland, Oregon, and has over 2 million followers! Below are a list of questions that I and a few of the other participants asked and Dr. Lincoln’s answers.  

In regards to hygiene products, how do you know what a company is saying is true? 

Dr. Lincoln responded that the three big questions to keep in mind are: Are they qualified? What is their motivation? Do they have data to back them up? 

She also went on to say that feminine hygiene companies are profiting off of the shame they project onto women.  They create a problem and sell you the solution, and to quote Dr. Lincoln, they “[insert] shame into the act of sex. They create a problem that your vulva doesn’t smell like morning paradise (…) Vaginal shame is a profitable industry,” and the majority of hygiene products on the market are targeted towards shaming anyone with a vagina.  

What should you consider when picking birth control? 

“It’s not a simple answer because it’s about what is best for you.  Take a step back and think about your goals… Hormones or no hormones? Is it reversible?…. It’s kind of like a flow chart…. Sometimes it’s about what shoes fit the best. You have to try a bunch on.” 

What would you say to college women that are afraid of getting Pap Smears?

“I was terrified, too.  I think we all are because nobody talks about it.  I made a Youtube video of what to expect at your first visit.  I have a chapter in my book about people who have a history of trauma and how to deal with that.  It is okay to not have an exam at your first visit.  When you say stop, they can stop.  You can bring a friend, ask for the smallest speculum.  Do whatever you want to do. You are the boss, you get to say, ‘Nope, I’ll come back’ or ‘I’m going somewhere else.’ It is your body and you are the one in charge.” 

Does discharge relate to your cycle? What does it mean? 

“It definitely changes in relation to your cycle. And it changes in relation to your hormone levels and it can vary.  Up to a teaspoon of discharge, a day is normal. It can be used to monitor your fertility.  When it is stretchy, like egg whites, that is when you are fertile.  You should worry about if it is itching, burning, or is bright green” 

Does your vagina need a special soap? 

“I want you to go to a grocery store and walk right past the feminine hygiene aisle. The key is to stay outside the vagina and not go inside. You can start with water or just make sure you are not using glitter, fragrance, or essential oils. Cetaphil or Cerave or Dr. Bronner’s unscented are okay.  You can stick with water.  Nothing on the inside, because your vagina truly is cleaning itself.”  

I hope you enjoyed my short recap of my exclusive group chat with Dr. Lincoln.  Make sure to follow her on TikTok here for more myth-busting and check out her brand new book, “Let’s Talk About Down There.” 

Hi, I'm Katherine! I'm an Anthropology major. I am a member of the Honors Scholar Program, as well as a Bonner Scholar.
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