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Taylor Beegle ’16

Our campus cutie is a Junior Phi Gamma Delta and he has got it all! Unfortunately, he is taken ladies! Meet Taylor Beegle!

HC: Hey Taylor, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re involved in on campus?

CC: I’m a junior computer science/philosophy double major. I was born in Mobile, Alabama and I currently live in Lexington, Kentucky. I play ultimate Frisbee at DePauw and am a part of the philosophy club.

HC: Wow, double major- ambitious! Tell us about being in a fraternity, do you hold any positions?

CC: I am the second year treasurer of Phi Gamma Delta. FIJI also won the greenest Greeks award last semester so I am proud to say we are making the move to go green!

HC: Any upcoming events at Fiji that you would like to tell us about?

CC: Isle is coming up at the end of April!

HC: Awesome! Any spring break plans?

CC: Panama City Beach! We are having two groups of twelve guys from the house going down. We rented two houses and have mostly FIJIS, Kappa’s, and independents going so we have a cool mix of friends!

HC: That will be a great time, road trip?

CC: Yeah, we will be driving down.

HC: I hope you bring some good snacks for that long way down. Do you have anything special planned for your trip or something you’re looking forward to the most?

CC: We went down to Golf Shores last year for Spring Break so it’s just really nice to hang down on the beach. Not a lot to worry about.

HC: I bet, a nice break. Single or taken?

CC: Taken!

HC: Lucky her, what do you look for in a girl?

CC: Down to earth, easy to talk to, not superficial.

HC: That’s a good list! Any good date stories?

CC: The most awkward date I went on was freshman year of High School. I asked this girl to the movies and I didn’t think about it, but none of us could drive at the time and I was over-analyzing, like should my mom and I pick her up? It was just awkward and then we got to the movies and there was nothing to do afterwards so we had to wait for both of our parents to pick us up and the movie was bad- we saw The Box.

HC: Oh gosh, that does sound pretty bad. Thank you so much for your time!

CC: Thank you!

There you have it, Her Campus readers, Taylor is a great guy that is looking forward to a great time at PCB! 

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