Super Cute Halloween Costumes You Already Have In Your Closet

It's that time of the year again! With Halloween right around the corner, costumes are on the top of everyones October mind. Here are a few that won’t break your budget.

Risky Business

Just a white button-up shirt with some socks, sunglasses and boxers/shorts and you're set! This costume comes highly recommended for dancing, because who doesn't want to slide around in their socks?


While you might have to find some faceprint, chances are you have some black in your closet. Throw on some black ripped jeans or leggings with a black shirt and you're ready for an edgy night.

Tacky Tourist

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Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack and some sandals will do the trick. This goofy and fun costume provides lots of space to store all your Halloween candy.


A white dress with gold jewelry is a super cute way to become a goddess for the night. Go ahead and be a little heavy with the eyeliner for better detailing.