This Summer’s Bikini Trends: High Neck and Crochet

Summer brings about a whole new reason to shop (as if you needed one). One of those reasons being swimsuits. It seems like swimsuit styles change faster than any other summer styles. Keep your eyes open this year, there are two super cute bikini trends you’ll be seeing everywhere!

Trend Alert One: The High Neck Crop Top Bikinis

This trend isn’t only cute, it’s also a life saver. Thanks to the design, these tops are extra supportive and provide a whole new amount of coverage. You can definitely battle the waves in this top without having to worry about a fashion mishap if the water hits you a little too hard.

Trend Alert Two: The Crochet Bikini 

These swimsuits aren’t just comfortable! Something about wearing “nothing-but-string” on the beach can seem intimidating, but after getting use to it, it’s pretty liberating. This super flattering new trend has been getting more and more popular every year, so if you missed out on buying one of these beauties last year, don’t worry.