Style Quiz!

Answer just a few simple questions and discover your style profile!

You wake up late for class….

     A ) You still throw on a flowy sundress and flats.

     B) You throw your hair in a ponytail and put on some jeans and a jersey.

     C) Sweatpants and tennis shoes are your go-to even if you aren’t late.


It’s tailgate season!!! What is your go-to outfit?

     A) A cheer skirt and spirited tube top.

     B) Converse, jean shorts, and a DePauw hat.

     C) Athletic shorts and a comfy tiger tee.


Composite day is here. You…

     A) Woke up super earlier to curl your hair and put on a full face of makeup.

     B) Forgot about it and showed up for the picture with un-brushed hair.

     C) You straightened the front of your hair but threw it up in a ponytail right after the picture.


Your favorite pair of shoes are…

     A) Heels, duh.

     B) New Balance Tennis Shoes with tall white socks.

     C) Crocs; they are functional and comfortable.


You are required to dress “formally” for an academic dinner. You wear…

     A) A little black dress, cute wedges, and pearls.

     B) A solid colored dress with flats.

     C) Pants and a flowy shirt; you aren’t a dress girl.



Mostly As

You love fashion! You take pride in your outfit and in your appearance. For you, there doesn’t have to be an excuse to get dressed up, you just do it because you want to look nice. Clothing is a way you express yourself and a way that you can have fun and feel confident.

Mostly Bs

You are sporty! You are the type of person who likes to be comfortable while still being fashionable. You are most at home in a pair of jeans and a baseball cap. You don’t need to dress up to feel like your best self.

Mostly Cs

You prefer comfort to fashion! There is nothing wrong with not caring about your outfit. You can be confident in whatever you are wearing, which is mostly likely a big t-shirt and an old pair of sweatpants. You rock whatever you have on with a big smile.