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Students of Color in STEM

This past week, a new student organization was founded on campus, called S.o.C.i.S. (Students of Color in STEM). They held their first meeting on Thursday, September 28th, at 7pm in Julian. 

What is it? An organization designed for students of color in STEM-related majors or with interests in STEM-related career fields. This organization would provide these students with a network of students in or interested in a similar major that could be a support system for them academically (tutoring), and socially (mentoring). 

Why is it important? Often times, students of color enter campus feeling isolated, overwhelmed, or less welcomed than their peers. Though it is common knowledge that STEM careers are in high demand, people of color are still underrepresented in many STEM fields. 

Choosing a STEM major and pursuing it without a strong support system can be particularly intimidating, causing many students to leave STEM programs or change their major. This organization will serve as a tool to help students of color narrow down/choose their future STEM profession and stay with their major/career interest for the entirety of their academic career at DePauw by having consistent exposure to diverse STEM interests. 

S.o.C.i.S. will meet throughout the semester to provide undecided students with an upperclassman in their interested majors or minors to develop mentor relationships. S.o.C.i.S. will also tutor, provide helpful resources, and help set goals.

Eventually, S.o.C.i.S. hopes to host speakers (STEM professionals of color) and help its members find internships, attend conferences, develop summer research or projects, and more!

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