Starting the Keto Diet and What I Eat in a Day

(Disclaimer: I am no scientist or doctor, and this is my opinion, what works for me may not work for you. Do your own research and talk to your own doctor).


I live in a sorority with ultimately the best cook there is (shout out to Anita). Cinnamon rolls, donuts, chocolate chunk cookies, Reese’s cookies, Nutella pop tarts, hot rolls, pizzas, pastas, mac and cheese (and so much more), all homemade and made with love. College is stressful; I don’t have time to cook my own meals, so I eat what’s given to me, usually when I'm in a hurry. And yes, there are healthy options, but let’s be honest, when you are in a time crunch, stressed and missing home, your body craves carbs and sugars. My mental health has not been the best this school year, and I wasn’t taking care of myself as I should.


Well now I have no Anita to cook me my breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and I felt there was no better time to take care of myself. Self-care ladies!! I did A LOT of research on different foods and diets trying to figure out what changes I need to make in my life. I came across the Keto diet (I use the word diet not as weight loss term, just as in my daily food intake). This includes low carb and high fat meals. Many people try this diet for weight loss, as keto stands for ketosis, which is the state your body will go into after 4-7 days (basically your body begins to start burning fat instead of carbs). There is a lot of research on how carbohydrates effect ones mental health ( 


Alright, count me in! I’m stuck at home and there’s no better time to work on myself and my mental health. What’s the worst case? I feel nothing? I don’t like the side effects? Whatever it is, I’ll just stop.


Today marks the 6th day of eating Keto. Call me crazy, but I have never felt better about myself in my entire life. I feel full after eating way less, I have more energy, I don’t feel bloated (like ever— I promise), the food I’m eating is good, some of my favorite foods, just in higher quantities (yes please?) and I have lost a few pounds (which for my body and health is perfectly fine— again please don’t start this without doing your own research). And even with everything going on in the world right now and how my mental health was back at school, I feel better, I feel more optimistic and I wake up wanting to find the good in the day.


So, what do I eat on a usual day?



2-3 eggs with spinach and cheese and an avocado if I’m hungry enough, and a cup of coffee, of course.


If I haven’t eaten the avocado yet, an avocado


Turkey lettuce wraps with cucumber, cheese, or a chopped salad


Almonds and blueberries (you have to be careful about which fruit you eat)


Steak, chicken, or salmon with asparagus/Brussels sprouts/cauliflower 


a few pieces of dark chocolate if I’m craving anything

(There are so many more food options, this is just what I prefer right now).


I’m going to keep this up for at least 30 days before I decide whether it’s worth it or something I will continue to do— stay tuned for an update!